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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Performance Newsletter - Volume 12, Issue 2

Awards or Recognitions

Barry Lipton, DDS, College of Arts and Sciences, Justice Studies , "Appointment", Child Abuse and Death Review Committee-Pinellas County, October 11.

Sandra Pavelka, Ph.D., Institute for Youth and Justice Studies , "Editor in Chief", International Journal of Restorative Justice, October 31.

Sandra Pavelka, Ph.D., Institute for Youth and Justice Studies , "Chair, Juvenile Justice Advisory Board, Twentieth Judicial Circuit, State of Florida", Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, September 23.

Nancy Staub, Renaissance Academy, "2013 Power Woman", Charlotte County Florida Weekly, October 10.

Nancy Staub, FGCU Charlotte Center, "2013 Power Woman in Charlotte County", Charlotte County Florida Weekly, October 10.

Grant Awards

Lynn Neuman, Visual and Performing Arts, $5,125, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, To support the creation and presentation of Water Dances, September 1-June 1.

Professional Presentations

Pamella Seay, JD, LLM, Justice Studies , "Transitional Issues in Virtual Learning: Changing Platforms and the 3rd Rail", E-Learn 2013 - World Conference on E-Learning, Ass'n for Advancement of Computing in Education, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 22-25.