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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Performance Newsletter - Volume 12, Issue 5

Awards or Recognitions

Michelle Angeletti, MSW, Ph.D., College of Health Professions and Social Work, Health Sciences , "Selected to serve 3 year term as Associate Professional Liaison Department Administrator", La Leche League Eastern U.S. Alliance for Breastfeeding Education, November 17.

ROBERT DIOTALEVI, JD, College of Arts and Sciences, Justice Studies , "Selected to Advisory Board", The European Scientific Institute (ESI) , January 22.

Christopher Harrison, College of Arts and Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, "The Professor Irvin D. S. Winsboro History Prize", FGCU Foundation, February 5.

Book Publication

Amanda Evans, Patricia Coccoma, Ed.D., MSW, LCSW, Ed.D., MSW, Social Work, "Trauma-informed care: How neuroscience influences practice", Routledge Publishing, London, U.K., pp. 162.

Professional Presentations

Trent R. Brown, D.M.A., Dr. Jeanie Darnell, Bower School of Music, "Featured vocal soloists for "The Miracle of Mozart" concert series", Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra, Big Arts on Sanibel, Sanibel Island, FL, January 22-23.

Trent R. Brown, D.M.A., Dr. Jeanie Darnell, College of Arts and Sciences, Bower School of Music, "Chamber Choir "The Three Bs (and more): Music of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms"", Hyacinth Guest Artist Series, Moorings Presbyterian Church, Naples, FL, January 26.

Douglas Carothers, EdD, College of Education, Teacher Education, "Incorporating empathy building and perspective-taking activities in a teacher education curriculum", Conference of theTeacher Education Division, Council for Exceptional Children, Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 5-9.

ROBERT DIOTALEVI, JD, Justice Studies , "Copyrighting Cyberspace: Teaching Old Dogs New Clicks", Connecting Online for Instruction and Learning Conference (CO14), Integrating Tech. for Active Lifelong Learning, Toronto, Canada, February 7.

Nicola Foote, Ph.D., College of Arts and Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, "Blackness and Deviance: Afro-Ecuadorians, Masculinity, and Race Hierarchy in Early Twentieth-Century Ecuador. ", American Historical Association Annual Conference, American Historical Association, Washington, D.C., January 2-5.

Barry Lipton, DDS, College of Arts and Sciences, Justice Studies , "Odontology and The Forensic Expert", Stetson College of Law, Forensic Evidence Class, Gulfport, Florida, February 4.

Pamella Seay, JD, LLM, College of Arts and Sciences, Justice Studies , "Ethics for Accountants and Auditors: How The Law Affects Privacy, Confidentiality, And Privilege", IMA IIA Joint Meeting 2014, Inst. of Internal Auditors & Inst. of Mgmt Acct., Fort Myers, FL, January 7.