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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Performance Newsletter - Volume 16, Issue 4

Professional Presentations

Hasan Aydin, PhD, Hasan Aydin, Curriculum and Instruction, "Public-charter school quality and parental decision making with school choice: a qualitative descriptive study", International School Choice and Reform Conference, School Choice, For Lauderdale, Florida, United States, January 14-18.

Trent R. Brown, D.M.A., College of Arts and Sciences, Bower School of Music, "Broward County High School Honor Choir ", Coral Springs Center for the Arts, Broward Schools, Coral Springs, January 31-February 1.

Trent R. Brown, D.M.A., Bower School of Music, "Collier County High School Honor Choir", Collier School, Artis Naples; Collier Schools, Naples, January 25-26.


Doug Carothers, EdD, Christopher Parfitt, Leadership, Technology, and Research, "Disability or language difference: How do we decide?", American Journal of Qualitative Research, Quarterly , pp. 1 - 12.

Michele Stork, Ed.D., Jingshun Zhang, Charles Xiaoxue Wang, College of Education, College of Education Dean's Office, "TechTrends", Building Multicultural Awareness in University Students Using Synchronous Technology, Monthly , pp. 11-14.