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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Performance Newsletter - Volume 8, Issue 10

Awards or Recognitions

Rosie Emery, Antonio Rodriguez, Editor, WGCU-TV, "Bronze Telly Award for Connect TV Show "Retrofit to Green"", Telly Awards, June 1.

Luis Hernandez, Mike Kiniry, David Plazas, Richard Chin Quee, WGCU-FM, "Gulf Coast Live: Healthcare Mailbag - 2nd place Call-In Program", Public Radio News Directors Incorporated, June 26.

Lynne Howard-Frazer, Brian Price, Editor, WGCU-TV, "Silver Telly for Documentary "Edge of the Everglades"", Telly Awards, June 1.

Kathy Johnson, Rod Clarke, Writer, WGCU-TV, "Bronze Telly for Connect TV Special "Feeding the New Hungry"", Telly Awards, June 10.

Johnny McGaha, PhD, College of Professional Studies, Justice Studies , "Selected as Lecturer - 10th Annual Summer Criminology and Law Specialization Course, Siracusa, Italy", International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences, May 23.

Chelle Walton, Tim Kenney, Videographer, WGCU-TV, "Bronze Telly for Documentary The Sanibel Legacy", Telly Awards, June 10.

Professional Presentations

Eric Otto, PhD, College of Arts and Sciences, Communication and Philosophy, "The Sense of Wonder and an Ethics of Ecological Difference", The 2010 Conference of the Science Fiction Research Association, SFRA, Carefree, Arizona, June 24-27.


John Cox, edited by Myra Mendible, Social and Behavioral Sciences, "book chapter: From Rev. Wright to ‘Joe the Plumber’: Racial and Class Anxieties in the 2008 Elections", Race 2008: Critical Reflections on an Historic Election, pp. 77-97.

Alison Elgart, Ph.D., Marine and Ecological Sciences, "Dental Wear, Wear Rate, and Dental Disease in the African Apes", American Journal of Primatology, Monthly , pp. 481-491.

Howard Finch, PhD, Shelton Weeks and Richard Allen, Economics and Finance, "The Salary Premium Required for Replacing Management Faculty: Evidence from a National Survey", Journal of Education for Business, Quarterly , pp. 264-267.

Nicola Foote, PhD, College of Arts and Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, "Luchando por la inclusion: la participacion de la gente afro-esmeraldena en la revolucion de Concha", Europa & America Latina , Vol. 5 Issue , pp. 101-120.

Johnny McGaha, PhD, Amanda Evans, Ed.D., M.S.W., College of Professional Studies, Justice Studies , "The Hidden World of Human Trafficking", Persectives: Journal of the American and Parole Association , Quarterly , pp. 50-60.

Charlie Mesloh, Ph.D, Wolf, R. & Henych, M., College of Professional Studies, Justice Studies , "Fighting Campus Crime: Perceptions of Police Canines at a Metropolitan University", Critical Issues in Justice and Politics, Monthly , pp. 1-18.

Danielle Rosenthal, MLS, Mario Bernardo, Library Services, "Creating a Library Database Search using Drupal", Code4Lib, Quarterly , pp. 2920.

Russell Sabella, Ph.D., Timothy Poynton, Ph.D. and Madelyn Isaacs, Ph.D., College of Education, Graduate Studies , "School Counselors Perceived Importance of Counseling Technology Competencies", Computers in Human Behavior, Quarterly , pp. 609-617.