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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Performance Newsletter - Volume 8, Issue 3

Awards or Recognitions

Bob Diotalevi, JD, College of Professional Studies, Justice Studies , "selected to Board of Visitors ", Ave Maria School of Law, November 9.

Elizabeth Elliott, Ph.D., Students members of Omega Epsilon, College of Education, Undergraduate Studies , "Achieving Chapter Excellence - ACE", Kappa Delta Pi - International Honor Society in Education, October 30.

Thomas C. Valesky, EdD, Graduate Studies , "Lifetime Contribution Award", Southern Regional Council on Educational Administration, October 17.

Shelton Weeks, PhD, College of Business, Economics and Finance, "NAIOP Distinguished Fellow", National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, October 29.

Mary Wisnom, Ph.D., College of Professional Studies, Resort & Hospitality Management , "2009 Outstanding Professor Award", Resort and Commercial Recreation Association, November 9.

Professional Presentations

Michelle Angeletti, MSW, Ph.D., College of Health Professions, Health Sciences , "“Health Professionals Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers Returning to Work” a CERP/CEU session", The Healthcare Provider Seminar , Florida Breastfeeding Coalition & La Leche League, Daytona Beach, Florida, September 11.

Michelle Angeletti, MSW, Ph.D., College of Health Professions, Health Sciences , "“The Healthcare Provider-Parent Partnership: Finding a Supportive Healthcare Provider”", La Leche League of Florida Conference, La Leche League of Florida , Daytona Beach, Florida, September 11-14.

Sheila Bolduc-Simpson, MA English; MA Theatre Arts; MS TESOL, Suzanna Henshon, Lori Cornelius, Amy Towne, Carol Bledsoe, Language and Literature, "To Be or Not to Be: Teaching Composition in Creative Ways", Florida College English Association 2009 Conference, Palm Beach Community College, Boynton Beach, Florida, October 15-16.

Douglas Carothers, Ed.D., Carolynne Gischel, Ed.D., & Lynn K. Wilder, Ed.D., College of Education, Undergraduate Studies , "Embedding Response to Intervention into an integrated program of study for all teachers", Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children, Teacher Education Division of CEC, Charlotte, North Carolina, November 12-14.

Jeanie Darnell, Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA), Stuart Chafetz, guest conductor, College of Arts and Sciences, Bower School of Music, "Pop'era Concert Featured Soloist", Naples Philharmonic Orchestra Pop's Series, Naples, Naples Philharmonic Orchestra, Naples, Florida, October 17.

Elizabeth Elliott, Ph.D., Anna Winkle, Stephanie Karakos, Sabrina Bonventre, Roxanne Heiny, Undergraduate Studies , "KDP Reads!", Kappa Delta Pi - 47th Biennial Convocation, Kappa Delta Pi - Education Honor Society, Orlando, Florida, October 29-31.

Debra Hess, Ph.D., College of Arts and Sciences, Bower School of Music, "Using Listening Journals as a Tool in Teaching Music History Courses", College Music Society National Conference, College Music Society, Portland , Oregan, October 22-25.

Dennis Hunt, Ed.D., CSCS, Diana Wong, Andrew Hovanec, College of Health Professions, Physical Therapy & Human Performance, "Utilizing a Linear Periodization Resistance Training Model To Enhance Sport Performance of Female Athletes", Petro-Canada Sport Leadership Sportif and ICCE Global Coach Conference, Coaching Association of Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, November 12.

Johnny McGaha, PhD, College of Professional Studies, Justice Studies , "Perspectives on US Policy and Funding initiatives for Human Trafficking,", First Annual Interdisciplinary Research Conference on Human Trafficking, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, October 29-31.

Dorothy Rea, Ph.D., Cecil Carter and Tom Valesky, College of Education Dean's Office, "Development of a Current Disposition Instrument for Educational Leaderhip Candidates", SRCEA, Southern Regional Council of Educ. Administration, Atlanta, Georgia, October 14-18.

Pamella Seay, JD, LLM, College of Professional Studies, Justice Studies , "Offshoring of Legal Services: The Many Ethical Concerns", 2nd Annual Ethics Seminar, Florida Alliance of Paralegal Associations, Inc., Tampa, Florida, November 7.

H. Julie Yazici, Ph.D., College of Business, Computer Information Systems and Decision Sciences, "Role of Behavioral and Psychological Factors on Tacit Knowledge Sharing Between Buyer and Supplier", Decision Sciences Institute 40th Annual Meeting, DSI, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 14-17.


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Angela Meyer, Ph.D., et al., College of Arts and Sciences, Marine and Ecological Sciences, "Simultaneous Multiwavelength and Optical Microvariability Observations of CTA 102 (PKS J2232+1143)", The Astronomical Journal, Vol. 138 Issue , pp. 1902-1910.

Shirley Ruder, Ed.D, College of Health Professions, Nursing, "Alzheimer's Care Today", Incorporating Spirituality into the Care of Persons with Alzheimer's Disease, Vol. 10 Issue 4, pp. 221-227.

Yinghong Sheng, Heather D. Bean, Irena Mamajanov, Nicholas V. Hud and Jerzy Leszczynski, College of Arts and Sciences, Chemistry and Mathematics, "Journal of the American Chemical Society", Comprehensive Investigation of the Energetics of Pyrimidine Nucleoside Formation in a Model Prebiotic Reaction, Monthly , pp. 16088–16095.

David Steckler, J.D,, LL.M., Fielding Epstein, MHSA, JD, Ronald N. Riner, MD FACC, College of Professional Studies, Justice Studies , "Getting Ready of EHR, RHIOs and Next-Generation Co-Management Agreements", Getting Ready for EHR, RHOIs and Next-Generation Co-Management Agreements, Quarterly , pp. 48-51.

Shelton Weeks, PhD, Dr. Justin D. Benefield, College of Education, Economics and Finance, "Price Effects of Specialty Ceiilngs in Residential Real Estate", The Appraisal Journal, Quarterly , pp. 117-125.