Courses Taught by Dr. Loh


OCE 1001C - Marine Systems - 3 credit(s)
Interdisciplinary introduction to the study of the world's oceans. Students become acquainted with basic scientific and oceanographic concepts through a hands-on exploration of the marine environments of Southwest Florida . Topics may include the role of the oceans in determining weather and climate; environmental stress and marine mammals; building on moving beaches; and estuaries nurseries of the sea. Lecture, laboratory and field experiences are fully integrated in this general education course designed primarily for students with a concentration other than in the natural sciences.

OCC 4002C - Marine Chemistry - 3 credit(s)
This course will focus on the chemical composition of seawater, seawater carbonate system, nutrients, trace elements and biogeochemistry.
Prerequisite(s): OCE 3008C with a minimum grade of C and CHM 1046C with a minimum grade of C

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