Courses Taught by Dr. Tolley


OCE 3008C - Oceanography - 3 credit(s)
A systems approach to the study of the world's oceans integrating elements of biological, chemical, geological and physical oceanography. Examination of basic oceanographic principals and processes, with a focus on marine ecosystems of Southwest Florida . Permission of instructor required.

PCB 4303C - Limnology - 3 credit(s)
An interdisciplinary approach to the examination of inland waters including lakes, streams, marshes, and swamps. Emphasis on the biotic, chemical and geological components of these aquatic ecosystems using Florida wetlands as models. The course is intended for students with interests in biology, environmental studies, and/or interdisciplinary natural sciences. Permission of instructor.


ZOO 4454C - Ichthyology - 3 credit(s)
Tracks the rise and evolution of fishes and examines the adaptations in form and function that underlie their success. Emphasis will be placed on Southwest Florida fishes.
Prerequisite(s): BSC 1011C with a minimum grade of C


OCE 6934 - Estuarine Ecology - 3 credit(s)
Ecological examination of estuarine systems. Treatment will include: estuarine organisms and their adaptations; community structure and dynamics; and human impact on estuarine systems. Course structure includes lecture and review and discussion of relevant literature.

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