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For Middle School Students Entering 7th & 8th Grades


1, Who is eligible for the FGCU Mathletes Summer Camp?

Students entering grades 7 and 8 in fall 2017-spring 2018 school year are eligible to apply.


2. What about lunches and snacks?

Student snacks are included in the camp fee. Student lunches are not included.


3. What materials and study tools should I bring?

All school supplies will be provided to the students.


4. What is your refund policy?
The camp fee is not refundable.


5. What about before and aftercare?

The program runs from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Before and aftercare is not available.



Feedback received from Parents

“I would like to thank you for organizing FGCU Mathletes Summer Camp. As the dad of Cynthia Sheng, also a colleague at FGCU, I have been amazed by the program you put together, the daily news, pictures, activities, etc. I believe that you must have put a lot of effort and energy into this event. My daughter enjoyed it very much. It provided a wonderful opportunity to have these kids exposed to math and sciences, and other fields. She wants to attend this camp next year. Please also pass my sincerely appreciation to the other faculty members involved in this event. Again, thank you for this wonderful summer camp. Keep it up!!!”


"I liked that the kids not only learned math but also had exposure of computer science, Chemistry, Finance ect., which have math as the foundation. "


“My child was eager to teach me how binary numbers work when she was back from the camp. She obviously learned some thing very cool and want to share with me, which did not happen when she is at school.”

“I thought this camp was extremely beneficial. During the course of the school year, students and teachers do not have time in their schedules to delve into topics as deeply as you were able to do during this week. Students better understood why they are using formulas in math. It helped them make sense of the numbers.  It also opened their eyes to the fact that math is used in many careers, from astrology to computer animation to sports. Math is not just numbers and formulas to be memorized, it is information that is used in real-life applications.”


“My son was excited every evening for his next day of Mathletes Camp.  I was so pleased that he was able to view Math in a new way.  The daily newsletter was engaging.  The photographs were excellent.  Every exercise covered in the newsletter led to an interesting dialogue about the day's events.”

“I loved the fact that she came home excited every day and talked non-stop about what she had learned.”


Student Feedback:
“Over the past five days, I have greatly enjoyed this summer camp. I liked how the lesson for the day we presented in the morning, then enriched in the afternoon with an activity. I believe that the campus tour on the first day is a good addition in the way that it is enjoyable and it allows the participants to begin to familiarize themselves with the campus. My favorite activities throughout the camp was the programming, the bridge building, and the metal dissolving. I think that the observatory and 3-D printer tours should be kept as well. To me, the best part about the camp was learning about how math can be applied in all of extension activities. I personally would recommend this camp to anyone who is curious enough to ask. “

“I really enjoyed participating in this camp. Within the 2 days that I was here, I learned and experienced different things. For, example what a matrix is and how a basic spectrometer works. Also, it was very interesting to see how a 3-D printer works and what it can create. Overall, it has been a great beginning to summer! I would love for this camp to continue.”


“I really enjoyed this camp, and learning new things, or reviewing other things I have already. One of my favorite activities was learning more in to angles/triangles. Also, I enjoyed learning about distance between planets and things in space. The teachers were all really nice, too. “

“I enjoyed many things about the camp


“In the week that I was at the math summer camp, I learned a lot of things. I learned how to make matrices and also how to measure light, which was awesome! If this camp was to continue next year I would want to go. My favorite things this week were the 3D printer, making and dropping the parachutes, dissolving metal and going into the observatory. Hope fully, they will continue this next year. “ --Madison Noel


“I really liked this camp. The labs were wonderful and the speakers were very informative. I would love to come back.” --Karsen Williams

“I enjoyed the camp, it was fun. I liked all the activities they were interesting. I also enjoyed that I got to meet new peers. I would definitely say you should continue the camp. I learned new and interesting things, this was a great experience. The teachers were also helpful and fun.”-- Faith White


“I really enjoyed math summer camp. There were a lot of activities and our days were never boring.”


“I had a lot of fun at the camp. I liked building the bridges and making the parachute, then dropping it. “


“I liked Ultimate Frisbee and the Construction Projects. I would recommend it to be 2 weeks and overnight camp. I loved working in different groups each day”.