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Promising Pathways

Promising Pathways

2014 Archive


We Are so greatful to our 2014 Conference  Keynote Speaker

Dr. Roy Richard Grinker


 Dr. Grinker is Professor of Anthropology, Human Sciences and International Affairs at George Washington University. When his daughter was diagnosed with autism in 1994, only about 1 in every 10,000 children was diagnosed with autism. Dr. Grinker's book Unstrange Minds, documents his quest across the globe to discover why autism is so much more common today. 


Dr. Grinker 

2014 Conference Agenda and Program


Dr Wilson Bradshaw

 Long-time Conference M.C. and Wink News Anchor Cayle Thompson, FGCU President Dr. Wilson G. Bradshaw,  and Kenote Speaker Dr. Roy Grinker