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Promising Pathways

Promising Pathways

Conference Presenters




Thanks to Our 2017 Speakers!

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Promoting Mental Health in Persons with Autism: Challenges and Opportunities - Dr. Mohammad Ghaziuddin

The Changing Values of Autism: from Disease to Citizenship - Dr. Richard Grinker

Evidence for New and Emerging Biomedical Treatments for Autism - Dr. Robert Hendren


Autism and the Myth of Normality - John Miller, M.A. 

The Role of Joint Attention in Autism: Assessment, Intervention and Social-Cognitive Neuroscience - Dr. Peter Mundy

Applying Behavior Analysis: A Science-Based Approach to Promoting Progress among Individuals on the Autism Spectrum - Dr. Beth Sulzer-Azaroff

ADHD, Anxiety and ASD: Differential Diagnosis and Co-morbidities - Dr. Diane Treadwell-Deering