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Office of the General Counsel

Office of the General Counsel

FGCU Accessibility Services


FGCU is committed to serving students, faculty, staff and members of the Eagle community in a manner that provides reasonable accommodations of individual needs in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504. The University Office of Adaptive Services assists individuals with their request for accommodation and promotes equal access and opportunity.

Telephone Assistance Information

For persons with hearing, or speech-related disabilities, when trying to access an FGCU office on campus that does not list a TDD/TTY number, please contact the Florida Relay Service at (800) 955-8771(TDD) or 711 (V/TDD).

Activity and Special Event Access

In order to provide the most accessible experience possible, the University recommends that a seventy two (72) hour notice be given for all accommodation requests. For available accommodations, please contact the department hosting the activity or event. For additional assistance, contact the FGCU Office of Adaptive Services at (239) 590-7956 or 711(TDD/TTY).

Web Accessibility at FGCU

FGCU is focused on providing equal access to online resources for people with disabilities. The University is working to streamline the delivery of content using industry-recognized standards that are text reader-friendly. FGCU is moving toward full implementation of accepted standards and practices. The University encourages anyone needing assistance in accessing online content found on the University’s website to contact the FGCU office or department that maintains the webpage containing that online content. You are encouraged to contact the Florida Relay Service at (800) 955-8771(TDD) or 711 (V/TDD) for additional assistance. For any additional assistance or requests related to the FGCU website please share your needs using the webmaster support form. For further information, please view/print the FGCU Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Statement.

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FACIL’iti Website Display Preference SettingsFacil-iti Button
Exclusively Available for Google Chrome and Firefox

(Internet Explorer support for v9 - v11 requires Compatibility Mode to be active) 

FGCU is committed to delivering website content that is accessible and easy to navigate for all users. We have implemented a new service developed by ITI Communications called FACIL’iti that allows you to choose website display preferences that adjust to your unique needs. FACIL’iti is a seamless interface that works on to improve your browsing experience so it is completely customizable and adaptive, while preserving the content of the website.

 FACIL’iti improves accessibility for the following conditions:

Graphic of ADA-related conditions icons


How It Works:

The link below launches the FACIL'iti preference screens. You simply select conditions that meet your needs, save the profile and on the last screen close the FACIL’iti display to return to the site where you will find a newly formatted look of page content.

Get Started: Setup Your Preferences: Activate FACIL'iti

To Turn Off FACIL’iti:

Select Deactivate FACIL’iti at the top of your profile page