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Office of the General Counsel

Office of the General Counsel

FGCU Policies

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4.002 Student Affairs Possession, Service or Consumption of Alcohol 07/20/2017 President
4.004 Student Affairs Administrative Withdrawal 05/23/2008 President
4.005 Student Affairs Student Observance of Religious Holidays 09/24/2008 President
4.007 Student Affairs Postings and Solicitation on Campus 03/05/2015 President
4.008 Student Affairs Student Activities Eligibility Policy 05/17/2011 President
4.009 Student Affairs Counseling and Health Services Health Bridge Program 07/14/2011 President
4.010 Student Affairs HIV/AIDS Policy 10/04/2011 President
4.011 Student Affairs Dean of Students Recognition of Social Fraternities and Sororities 09/08/2015 President