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Office of the General Counsel

Office of the General Counsel



Florida Gulf Coast University promulgates regulations in accordance with the Florida Board of Governors (BOG) Regulation Development Procedure for State University Boards of Trustees as adopted July 21, 2005, when acting pursuant to authority derived from the BOG. There are two classifications of regulations: select regulations and regular regulations. Select regulations are regulations that pertain to student tuition and fees, admissions, and articulation and require BOG review prior to becoming effective. Regular regulations are effective upon approval by the University Board of Trustees. 

The regulations below are currently in effect. For historical information, please contact the Office of the General Counsel.


FGCU-PR1:   Agency Administration
FGCU-PR2:   Administrative Services
FGCU-PR3:   Academic Affairs
FGCU-PR4:   Student Affairs
FGCU-PR5:   Human Resources
FGCU-PR6:   Purchasing
FGCU-PR7:   Finance & Accounting
FGCU-PR8:   University Police and Safety
FGCU-PR9:   Facilities

Date Effective
FGCU-PR1.001 Statement of Agency Organization and Operation 09/11/2018 Regulation
FGCU-PR1.003 Non-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct 06/07/2016 Regulation
FGCU-PR1.005 Direct Support Organizations 01/08/2019 Regulation
FGCU-PR1.006 Whistle-blower Protection 09/13/2016 Regulation
FGCU-PR1.007 Code of Ethics 02/20/2018 Regulation
FGCU-PR2.001 Undergraduate Admissions 09/15/2016 Select Regulation
FGCU-PR3.001 Accreditation 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR3.002 Honorary Degrees 06/07/2016 Regulation
FGCU-PR3.003 Textbook Adoption and Affordability 04/11/2017 Regulation
FGCU-PR3.004 Educational Research Center for Child Development 06/16/2009 Regulation
FGCU-PR3.005 Graduate Admissions 07/11/2014 Select Regulation
FGCU-PR3.006 Post-Baccalaureate Non-Degree Students 04/26/2011 Select Regulation
FGCU-PR3.007 Educational Sites 04/17/2012 Regulation
FGCU-PR3.008 Export Controls 04/19/2016 Regulation
FGCU-PR4.001 Student Rights and Responsibilities 09/20/2011 Regulation
FGCU-PR4.002 Student Code of Conduct and Student Conduct Review Process 06/11/2019 Regulation
FGCU-PR4.004 Student Disputes Resolution 04/19/2016 Regulation
FGCU-PR4.005 Student Activity Eligibility 01/20/2015 Regulation
FGCU-PR4.006 Student Government 06/15/2004 Regulation
FGCU-PR4.007 Administrative Withdrawal 01/15/2013 Regulation
FGCU-PR4.008 International Student Insurance 01/20/2009 Regulation
FGCU-PR4.009 Social Fraternities and Sororities 06/15/2010 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.001 Employee Compensation and Classification Plans 06/07/2016 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.002 REPEALED: Delegation of Authority 06/17/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.003 Employee Debt Collection 01/19/2010 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.004 REPEALED: University Police Department 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.005 REPEALED Recruitment, Selection, and Appointments 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.006 Criminal and Background Checks 04/09/2019 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.007 Employee Recognition Program 06/18/2013 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.008 REPEALED Personnel Exchange Program 06/17/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.009 REPEALED: Employee Evaluations N/A Regulation
FGCU-PR5.010 Nepotism 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.011 REPEALED: Complaint Review Procedure for USPS Employees 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.012 Outside Employment/Activities 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.013 REPEALED Additional State Compensation 06/17/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.014 Political Activity 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.016 Disciplinary Actions 09/11/2018 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.017 REPEALED: Overlap in Position 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.018 Sick Leave Pool 01/12/2016 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.019 Personnel Records: Limited Access 01/19/2010 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.020 Appeal of Disciplinary Actions 01/08/2019 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.021 REPEALED: Non-Reappointment and Resignation of Non-Unit Faculty and A&P Employees 06/17/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.022 REPEALED Discipline and Termination for Cause 06/17/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR5.023 Separations 06/11/2019 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.008 Protests 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.012 Statement of Intent 01/15/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.013 Definitions 04/21/2009 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.014 Purchasing Authority of the University 01/15/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.015 Competitive Solicitations Requirement 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.016 Purchase of Commodities/Contractual Services 04/21/2009 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.017 Bonds 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.018 Contracts 04/21/2009 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.019 Standard of Conduct (Procurement) 01/15/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.020 Purchase of Motor Vehicles 01/15/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.021 Prompt Payment to Vendors 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.022 Acquisition of Architectural, Engineering, Construction Management, or Design-Build Services 09/17/2013 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.023 Evalulation of Professionals and Contractors Under Construction Program 06/18/2013 Regulation
FGCU-PR6.024 Disqualification and Right to Appeal 06/18/2013 Regulation
FGCU-PR7.001 Tuition and Fees 06/06/2018 Select Regulation
FGCU-PR7.002 Delinquent Accounts Receivable 09/18/2007 Regulation
FGCU-PR7.003 Special Fees 07/05/2011 Select Regulation
FGCU-PR7.005 Student Financial Aid 01/18/2011 Regulation
FGCU-PR7.006 Waiver of Tuition and Fees 12/07/2018 Regulation
FGCU-PR7.007 Debt Management Guildelines 01/10/2017 Regulation
FGCU-PR7.008 Tangible Personal Property 06/21/2011 Regulation
FGCU-PR7.009 Concession Funds 04/15/2014 Regulation
FGCU-PR7.010 Governor's Challenge Rebate Program 04/19/2016 Regulation
FGCU-PR8.000 University Police and Safety Department 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR8.001 FKA Chapter 6C10-8.001 REPEALED: General 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR8.002 Authority of University Police 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR8.003 Registration of Vehicles 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR8.004 Decal and Permit Fees 04/17/2012 Select Regulation
FGCU-PR8.005 Parking Guidelines 04/21/2015 Regulation
FGCU-PR8.006 Parking and Traffic Enforcement 04/21/2015 Regulation
FGCU-PR8.0061 FKA 6C10-PR8.0061 REPEALED: Notice of Appeal University Parking Citation 10/21/2008 Regulation
FGCU-PR9.001 Use of University Facilities 10/10/2017 Regulation
FGCU-PR9.002 Possession, Service or Consumption of Alcohol 04/11/2017 Regulation
FGCU-PR9.003 Animal Control 10/10/2017 Regulation
FGCU-PR9.004 Public Expression and Assembly 06/18/2013 Regulation
FGCU-PR9.005 Possession of Firearms and Weapons on University Property 01/21/2014 Regulation
FGCU-PR9.006 Solicitation on Campus 06/19/2012 Regulation
FGCU-PR9.007 Use of Tobacco Products and Consumption of Food on University Premises 04/19/2016 Regulation
FGCU-PR9.008 Naming of University Buildings and Facilities 06/07/2016 Regulation

Emergency Regulations

Date Effective