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Office of the General Counsel

Office of the General Counsel

Tuition Waivers

TW-001 Academic Affairs Student Tuition Waivers 6/17/2008 Board of Trustees
TW-002 Athletics Student Athlete Out of State Waivers 4/20/2004 Board of Trustees
TW-004 Administrative Services Tuition and Fee Voucher Policy for FGCU employees and dependents 10/14/2004 Board of Trustees
TW-005 Athletics Student Athlete In-State Waivers 1/17/2006 Board of Trustees
TW-007 Academic Affairs Tuition Waiver and Rate Policy for Non-Resident Graduate Student Assistants 4/17/2007 Board of Trustees
TW-008 Academic Affairs; Director of Global Initiatives and International Service; Associate Provost for Planning and Institutional Performance Policy on Sponsored International Student and Scholar Tuition Waivers 6/17/2008 Board of Trustees
TW-009 Academic Affairs In-State Tuition Waivers 9/21/2010 Board of Trustees