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Office of Government Relations

Office of Government Relations

Office of Government Relations
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Office of Government Relations
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd S.
Edwards Hall 213
Fort Myers, FL. 33965

Phone: (239) 590-7410

How to Help Advocate for FGCU


Eagle Advocacy is the official grassroots network of alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of Florida Gulf Coast University. It is dedicated to providing information to individuals who are interested in helping the University gain support for its legislative agenda among state government officials.

As an Eagle Advocate, you will be part of a proud and committed group of Florida Gulf Coast University alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends who articulate the University’s priorities to those in positions to affect its future. Founded in 2012, this important grassroots network works to ensure that the future of Florida Gulf Coast University remains bright. Eagle Advocates make a difference by persuasively conveying the University’s story and needs to government officials. With your involvement, Eagle Advocacy will make an impact that will carry a strong message about the importance of the University’s mission and the critical need for reliable state funding to carry out that mission. Once you join, you will receive the information and support materials you will need to contact key government officials and convey your message effectively. Membership is free and it only takes a few minutes to join. Members care deeply about FGCU’s future and have the desire to advocate on its behalf. They believe in the University’s value to all Floridians and share that message with elected officials. Advocates stay connected with the Eagle Advocacy network to learn about the issues facing the University, what University officials are saying about the issues and how they can advocate to help advance the University. Eagle Advocates strive to help state government officials understand the impact Florida Gulf Coast University has on the lives of its students and on the Southwest Florida community as a whole.

Throughout the year, we will send the University’s legislative agenda, news, and updates pertaining to legislative activity. We will issue Advocacy Alerts during the legislative session through email. When you receive an Advocacy Alert, we ask that you contact your elected leaders and express your support for Florida Gulf Coast University. Advocates are also invited to take part in events designed to provide insight about the University, network with others committed to FGCU, and educate decision makers who must understand the University’s needs in order to advance the mission of FGCU. Advocates are encouraged to make known any connections they have with elected officials so we can provide guidance for reaching out to those individuals to voice concern or support regarding actions that may affect the University.