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Office of Government Relations

Office of Government Relations

Office of Government Relations
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Office of Government Relations
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd S.
Edwards Hall 213
Fort Myers, FL. 33965

Phone: (239) 590-7410

Events and Activities



November 22, 2016

Legislature   convenes for Organizational Session 

Nov.   – Feb.  2016

Legislature convenes for Interim Committee Weeks

March   7, 2016

Regular   Session convenes (Article III, section 3(b), Constitution)

12:00   noon, deadline for filing bills for introduction (Rule 3.7(1))

April   22, 2017

All   bills are immediately certified (Rule 6.8) Motion to reconsider made and   considered the same day (Rule 6.4(4))

April   25, 2017

50th   day - last day for regularly scheduled committee meetings (Rule 2.9(2)) 

May   5, 2017 

60th   day - last day of Regular Session (Article III, section 3(d), Constitution)



June   23, 2016

Board   of Governors approves the FY 2018-2018 Legislative Budget Request Development   Policy Guidelines

May   – July 2016

Board   of Governors Chancellor provides guidance to the universities on the   development of system and university Legislative Budget Request issues

July   1, 2016

Beginning   of fiscal year [section 215.01, Florida Statutes].

August   1, 2016

System   issues are submitted by the appropriate State University System council

August   1, 2016

Universities   submit their Five Year Capital Improvement Plan to the Board of Governors so   they can determine the Fixed Capital Outlay Legislative Budget Request of   each university’s Fixed Capital Outlay Legislative Budget Request.

September   15, 2016

The   Joint Legislative Budget Commission shall issue a long range financial   outlook setting out recommended fiscal strategies for the state and its   departments and agencies to assist the legislature in making budget decisions   [Article III, section 19(c)(1) of the Florida Constitution].

September   22, 2016

Board   of Governors approves the Operating and Fixed Capital Outlay Legislative   Budget Request

October   15, 2016

Board   of Governors submit to the Governor and Legislature the Operating Legislative   Budget Request and the Fixed Capital Outlay Legislative Budget Request

October   18, 2016

The   Board of Governors hold a Budget and Finance Committee Workshop to discuss   potential changes to the performance funding model, as well as a Facilities   Committee Workshop to meet with university staff to review projects

October   28, 2016

The   Office of Policy and Budget develops a final budget report containing budget,   revenues, cash balance, and program data [section 216.178(2), Florida   Statutes, as amended by Chapter 2006-119, Laws of Florida].

October   2016

The   Office of Policy and Budget modifies Legislative Budget Request for technical   adjustments [section 216.023(6), Florida Statutes].

October   2016

Prior   to release of Governor's budget recommendations to the Legislature, the   Governor holds at least one public hearing on agency legislative budget   requests [section 216.131, Florida Statutes].

November   3, 2016

Board   of Governors evaluates amendments to the Operating Legislative Budget Request

December 2016

Ninety days prior to the regular session of the Legislature, the Department of Management Services (DMS) shall make recommendations regarding fixed capital outlay legislative budget requests for state agencies and the judicial branch [section 216.044(3), Florida Statutes].

January 26, 2017

Board of Governors evaluates amendments to the Fixed Capital Outlay Legislative Budget Requests

February 2017

At least 30 days prior to the scheduled annual regular session, the Governor shall furnish each senator and representative a copy of his or her recommended budget and revenues [section 216.162, Florida Statutes].

February 2017

Board of Governor Amended Operating and Fixed Capital Outlay Legislative Budget Requests are submitted to the Legislature and Governor after release of the Governor’s budget recommendations

February 2017

No later than 14 days after the Governor submits his recommended budget to the Legislature, the Executive Office of the Governor shall submit to the legislative committees: a recommended appropriations bill; economic impact statements; appropriate staff analyses and supporting materials; all legislation in bill form that will be necessary to fully implement the Governor's recommendations. [sections 216.164 and 216.166, Florida Statutes]

April/May 2017

Legislative full committees complete action. House of Representatives and Senate debate and vote on their respective appropriations bills. Conference committee on appropriations is appointed to work until a conference committee report is adopted.

May/June 2017

General Appropriations Act (Conference Committee Report) is sent to the Governor

May/June 2017

Legislature transmits a list of General Revenue Fund appropriations that are nonrecurring, and other supporting work papers, on or before the tenth day before the end of the period allowed by law for veto consideration [section 216.177(1), Florida Statutes].

May/June 2017

Governor reviews General Appropriations Act and submits veto message to the Legislature or Secretary of State within 7 or 15 days (depending upon whether the act was received while the Legislature was in session) [Article III, section 8 of the Florida Constitution].

May/June 2017

Legislature prepares and releases Fiscal Analysis in Brief.