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Human Resources

Human Resources

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Florida Minimum Wage Increase

Effective January 1, 2018, the State of Florida minimum wage will increase from $8.10 to $8.25 per hour.  FGCU HR will identify those employees who will be impacted—including student employees—currently earning an hourly rate less than $8.25 per hour, and will increase their rate to the minimum. 

  • For any impacted OPS or student employees, the new rate will be effective with the pay period start of 12/24/2017
  • Department Managers will not need to submit any paperwork to make the new rate effective.
  • For any new epafs that you submit, the minimum rate accepted will be $8.25 per hour.
  • State of Florida announcement notice

Departments with questions regarding the salary increase program or about the Florida minimum wage increase may contact Human Resources at (239) 590-1400.  You may also e-mail your questions to .


HR Achievements:

With our commitment to employee success, we strive to continue to provide tools for all our employees.  To recap 2016, we established a Health & Wellness newsletter to highlight well-being ideas, articles, and events like lunch series speakers, Mindfulness, Yoga, and a student-led Walking program.  Because of this and other initiatives, we were presented the Lee County Horizon Council’s healthy workplace wellness award.  This award was in recognition of engaging educational programs that support our employees’ efforts to maintain health education and awareness.

As the university grows, we are proud to share we have processed over 1262 newly hired employees in FY2017, to include a variety of employee types. 

This time last year also marked the launch of the new PeopleAdmin employee recruitment tool, as well as the new Performance Management process for all employee evaluations, and Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Compliance inclusion in all of our position descriptions.  



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It's here!    

If you have a question, we want to know! HR is launching a dedicated webpage to answer your HR questions. Employees can choose to remain anonymous or if they prefer, identify themselves for the fastest response. Answers to your questions will be shared with the campus community through a variety of channels. Want to know more? Ask HR!


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