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Student-Academic Support Athletic Review Task Force



NCAA Eligibility Committee

The NCAA Eligibility Committee provides a comprehensive review and spot check of key compliance areas in Athletics.  The committee will meet in late August, mid-January and mid-May to review the certification of continuing eligibility. The committee will create a report after each meeting listing eligibility issues, if any, for the fall, spring, and summer terms. The committee will also review the NCAA database, Compliance Assistant Internet (CAI), Eligibility Checklists and Squad Lists to double check all initial and continuing eligibility.


NCAA Eligibility Committee

Ms. Lorie Hickox, Academic Advisor I, College of Health Professions
Ms. Melanie Stanis, Academic Advisor I, College of Arts & Sciences
Mr. Andy MacDiarmid, Academic Advisor II, Lutgert College of Business
Ms. Sheree Houston, Assistant Dean, Academic Advisor II, College of Education
Ms. Diana Stoppiello, Academic Advisor I, School of Engineering
Ms. Christina Jordan, Academic Advisor I, College of Professional Studies
Ms. Jessica Rouse, Director of Compliance, Intercollegiate Athletics
Ms. Xiomara Keutgen, Senior Officer for Registration, Office of the Registrar
Mr. Brian Casey, Associate Director of Student Financial Services, Student Financial Aid
Ms. Meredith McClean, Associate Director, Admissions Operations
Ms. Patricia Stringham, Academic Coordinator, Intercollegiate Athletics
Dr. Cecil Carter, Faculty Athletics Representative