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Eagles Council 2009-2010



1. To promote communication between the FGCU athletics administration and its student-athletes.

2. To provide feedback and insight into athletics department issues, including student-athlete welfare.

3. To generate a student-athlete voice within the FGCU athletics department's formulation of policies.

4. To build a sense of community within the athletics program involving all athletic teams.

5. To organize community service efforts.

6. To promote a positive student-athlete image on campus.


Mr. Thibaud Aime, Men's Tennis
Mr. Steven Binninger, Men's Tennis
Ms.  Morgan Campen, Softball
Mr. Reggie Chambers, Men's Basketball
Ms.  Taylor Cooke, Swimming & Diving
Ms.  Laurel England, Volleyball
Mr. Richie Erath, Baseball
Ms.  Katharine Evans, Women's Tenns
Mr. Hugo Gijon, Men's Cross Country
Mr. Adam Glick, Men's Soccer
Ms.  Kelsey Jacobson, Women's Basketball
Mr. AJ Jani, Men's Soccer
Ms.  Anna Jokut, Women's Basketball
Mr. Max Jones, Men's Cross Country
Ms.  Michelle Kuhen, Women's Cross Country
Mr. Jay Laurienzo, Baseball
Mr. Josh Leppo, Men's Golf
Mr. Chad Lutkenhaus, Men's Basketball
Ms.  Alexa Napoleon, Volleyball
Ms.  Hayley O'Mara, Softball
Ms.  Amber Pedersen,Women's Golf
Ms.  Iris Rendon, Women's Tennis
Mr.  Zach Robinson, Men's Golf
Ms.  Catrina Silveira, Swimming & Diving
Ms.  Megan Thies, Women's Cross Country
Ms.  Katerina Toomalatai, Women's Golf