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Governance & Commitment to Rules Compliance Subcommittee



  • Dr. Peg Gray-Vickrey, Chairperson
  • Dr. Wilson G. Bradshaw (University President)
  • Dr. Cecil Carter (Faculty Athletics Representative)
  • Mr. Kenneth Kavanagh (Director of Athletics)
  • Ms. Kathy Peterson (Senior Woman Administrator and Athletics Certification Liaison)
  • Ms. Susan Byars (Academic Integrity Sub Committee Chair)
  • Mr. Jorge Lopez (Gender/Diversity and Student Athlete Well Being Sub Committee Chair)
  • Dr. Donna Henry (Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance Sub Committee Chair)
  • Mr. Steve Magiera (Vice President for University Advancement)
  • Ms. Linda Bacheler (Assistant VP Administrative Systems and Controller)
  • Dr. Chuck Lindsey (Faculty Senate President)
  • Ms. Lisa Banks (Staff Advisory Council President)
  • Ms. Jessica Rouse (Director of Compliance)
  • Ms. Colleen Sorem (Assistant Athletic Director of Business)
  • Mr. Bruce Banko, II (Athletics Donor)
  • Dr. Cathy Duff - Chief Report Writer (Interim Associate Vice President, Office of Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Ms. Marianne Rosenhauer - Assistant to the Chief Report Writer (Technical Support Coordinator, OCI)
  • Mr. AJ Jani -Student
  • Mr. Adam Glick, Student Athlete
  • Ms. Taylor Cooke -Student Athlete
  • Ms. Ashley R. Humphrey (Student Government Representative)
  • Ms. Veronica Forsyth (Administrative Staff for Steering Committee)


The minutes from the meetings listed below are in PDF format..

September 29, 2009 

October 27, 2009

November 16, 2009 

December 17, 2009 

January 25, 2010

February 8, 2010

March 1, 2010

March 22, 2010