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Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Internal Audit
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Internal audits evaluate the University’s compliance with laws, rules, and regulations; determine the efficiency of operations; and/or review internal control procedures. Audits are clearly defined projects that require extensive planning, substantive proof for findings and recommendations, documentation of each audit activity and finding, and an audit report, which may include recommendations for improving university operations.

Management Assistance

Management assistance projects often analyze facts or data which may be historical in nature, verifying that something did or did not occur, or prospective in nature, estimating future occurrences.  Assistance projects require a summary report, which is tailored to the project and may be in a variety of forms including: written or verbal reports, e-mails, or a summary table of findings.  Results of a management assistance projects may stand alone, or they may become part of a larger project within Internal Audit or in another area at FGCU. 


Upon request, and as staff time is available, Internal Audit provides proactive consulting assistance on internal control, compliance and operational issues in which it has expertise.  Consulting projects may include, but are not limited to, committee participation, reviews of draft documents such as draft procedures or contracts, publications, and post-audit assistance.  These projects are proactive in nature and often answer questions about proposed programs or proposed changes to existing programs.  An example of a consulting project is reviewing proposed written procedures and making suggestions about possible revisions before the procedures are implemented. 


The Office of Internal Audit is designated as an official contact for allegations of fraudulent or dishonest activity and for Whistle-Blower complaints.  Internal Audit also conducts administrative investigations requested by the President.  Criminal investigations are performed by the University Police Department or other law enforcement agencies, with assistance by Internal Audit when appropriate.