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Physical Therapy (D.P.T)

Physical Therapy (D.P.T)

Admissions Information


The Physical Therapy Program at Florida Gulf Coast University participates in the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service, known as PTCAS. Applicants applying to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program,         apply online using the PTCAS application. To learn more about the PTCAS application process, please visit the PTCAS web site at

Welcome Letter - Includes GPA Calculation Form, Course Substitution Equivalency Request Form and  Essential Functions Information


Student Profile

The student profile provides the interquartile ranges (25th - 75th percentiles) of the entrance exam scores for students admitted to the program.  The information is intended to assist applicants in determining opportunities for admission.

Graduate Record Exam:

     GRE taken prior to August 1, 2011
     Verbal: 410 - 500
     Quantitative: 590 - 670
     Revised GRE taken after August 1, 2011
     Verbal: 147 - 162
     Quantitative: 147- 161

Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Florida Gulf Coast University. Please click on the "welcome letter" above for important information regarding the application process and PTCAS. Please note that applicants to the DPT Program at FGCU will also be required to complete the FGCU Graduate School application which can be found at

Program Admission Requirements

Students are admitted to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in the fall of each year. For priority consideration, all application materials must be received by November 15th. Application materials received after November 15th will be considered on a space available basis. All applications to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program must be submitted through the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (

The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences conducts a competitive admissions process. The following are the minimum requirements for admission to the entry-level physical therapy program. (Please note that meeting the minimum requirements for admission does not guarantee admission to the Physical Therapy program.) All applicants must have:

  1. A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Applicants may complete a baccalaureate degree in any field. The following undergraduate majors at FGCU may be the most congruent with the required physical therapy prerequisite courses: BS in Athletic Training; BS in Exercise Science; BS in Health Science.
  2. Achieved a GPA calculated for all prerequisite courses (for courses completed at the time of application) of at least 3.20 (on a 0 to 4 scale).
  3. Achieved a GPA for all upper division coursework (for courses completed at the time of application) of at least 3.00 (on a 0 to 4 scale).
  4. A minimum score of 4.0 on the Analytical portion of the Graduate Record Examination(GRE).
  5. A minimum percentile rank of 35% on both the Quantitative and Verbal portions of the GRE.
  6. Submitted all program specific application materials using PTCAS (
  7. Completed the following prerequisite courses or the equivalent with a grade of C or better (a grade of C- or less is not acceptable).
    1. BSC 2010C General Biology I w/Lab (4)
    2. BSC 1085C Anatomy & Physiology I w/Lab (4) or BSC 2011C General Biology II w/Lab (4)
    3. BSC 1086C Anatomy & Physiology II w/Lab (4)
      Or PCB 2XXX Human Physiology (3)
    4. CHM 1045C General Chemistry I w/Lab (4)
    5. CHM 1046C General Chemistry II w/Lab (4)
    6. PHY 2053C College Physics I w/Lab (4)
    7. PHY 2054C College Physics II w/Lab (4)
    8. PSY 2012 General Psychology (3)
    9. DEP 2004 Principles of Development (3)
    10. STA 2023 Statistical Methods (3) or STA 2037 Statistics with Calculus (3)

The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences/Physical Therapy Program has a mandatory orientation that occurs usually the two days prior to the start of the entering semester for classes.  the information is sent out with the acceptance letters.  Students that do not attend the mandatory orientation will not be accepting into the program.

Criminal Background Check

All students admitted to the DPT program must complete a criminal background check. A student may encounter potential problems with clinical education placement and/or licensure as a physical therapist if he or she has a criminal record. For specific information, contact the Florida Board of Physical Therapy Practice through its website. If a student has a criminal record, it is the responsibility of the student to inquire with the Florida Board of Physical Therapy Practice as to whether a criminal record may limit the student's ability to obtain licensure as a physical therapist or practice in certain settings.

Admissions Decision Appeals

A student may appeal admissions decisions by contacting the Office of the Dean in The Marieb College of Health & Human Services at 239-590-7451. Through the Dean's Office, the student brings an appeal to the MCHHS Student Appeals Committee. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of this process, he or she may bring the appeal to the University Ombudsman (



Program Outcomes




APTA Reach 100


 APTA American Physical Therapy Association
 FSBPT FPTA Florida Physical Therapy Association