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My Student Body at FGCU

My Student Body at FGCU

Login Instructions

Follow these instructions exactly as stated to avoid problems with the hold being removed from your account.

1. Go to

2. To login, first go to your Eagle Mail and retrieve this email. It contains your username (which is your Eagle Mail) and password. If you still have this email below, please reference it and go to step #3. If you no longer have this email, go to step #4.

3. You will use that username and password on this screen, which is the MSB homepage.

4. If you cannot find the email with your username or password, of if you have forgotten your password, please choose "Forgot password?" on the homepage, and it will bring you to the screen below. You may reset your password there. Your username will be your Eagle Mail. (If you do this step and receive an error message, please click here and see #1 of the "Getting Started" section.)

5. You will see "Essentials" under Courses on the My Stuff Tab. Click on "Take Now" to begin the course.

Note: You will need to complete the Alcohol, Drugs, and Sexual Violence sections of the Essentials Course to complete the requirement.

6. You will be directed to the MSB lobby. You will need to take all three of the modules listed: Alcohol, Drugs, and Sexual Violence.

7. For each module, you will complete the following:

-Rate Myself (Note: All responses are completely confidential. Only you will know your responses.)

-Pre Test

-Course Material

-Post Test


8. After you have completed the three modules and the brief satisfaction survey, you will receive your certificate of completion for the Essentials Course.

(Please note that you have not completed the full course until you receive a certificate showing that you have passed all three modules.)