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Step Ahead Program

Step Ahead Program

The Step Ahead program is going into its 13th season (2019) and is anticipating an even more successful year than ever before! The Step Ahead Program boasts an extremely high success rate for its students, and prepares students for the complete college experience they are embarking upon. It is also helpful with the transition the students will be making from high school to a fulltime college workload in the fall semester. The Step Ahead Program will not only give students additional assistance in a developmental area with the support of tutoring and resources, but it will challenge students, making them more comfortable with the transition to college and giving them the tools to continue on the pathway of success in the future. Students will also be able to network and build relationships with a sample of the great instructors FGCU offers.


All Step Ahead students receive the Step Ahead Scholarship during the summer 2019 term, which is equivalent to six (6) credits' worth of tuition and fees (at the in-state rate).


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