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FGCU Student Guidebook

FGCU Student Guidebook

Health Policies



Each student must assume a certain level of responsibility for his or her education and for the maintenance of health. Learning and education take place within a body. A drugged or mistreated body can neither absorb nor retain meaningful information.

The university has established regulations against the misuse of drugs and alcohol and has designated penalties for violations. These efforts minimally are to serve the best interest of our students; the maximum effort is to encourage students to develop a lifestyle free of drug abuses and to understand the connections between life, learning, and proper functioning of the integrated body and mind.

A broad range of student services provided through the Division of Student Affairs is available to assist students in solving problems that negatively affect their performances. The Wellness Center, which houses Student Health Services, is designed to help students target health related problems and find solutions. Wellness encourages self-direction as a lifestyle which addresses meaningful living, recognizing problems, initiating action, and utilizing available resources.


Concerns and questions about AIDS and HIV testing should be referred to Student Health Services located in the Wellness Center (239) 590-7966.


For more information on vaccinations, please view the Health Services Website: