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Student Health Services

Student Health Services

Student Health Services
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Student Health Services
Adjacent Parking Garage 2 and Parking Lot 7

Appointments: (239) 590-7966
Immunization: (239) 590-1254



Providing Documents

Providing Documents*

  • Month, Day, and Year (MM/DD/YY) Must be provided on documents or they will not be accepted
  • Please place your University ID Number on all documents.
  • The tabs below should answer all of your questions regarding hours, where/how to send documents etc.
  • Remember to view your "HOLD" screen in your Gulfline account AFTER 72 BUSINESS HOURS
  • IF you are a previous/returning FGCU student we may have your documents on file. Please contact us so we can assist you.


  • *Due to a policy change to ensure the safety of all students, distance learning students are now required to submit immunization documentation prior to class registration, effective Summer 2011.
Processing Time

Processing Time*

Please allow 72 business hours for documents to be received, reviewed, processed & your hold updated

Download Student Forms

Printable Immunization Form(s)*

If you DO NOT have vaccination records from another institution the "Immunization Form" below should be taken to a doctor, completed, signed, stamped & returned. (please see the "Requirements" tab below to answer document questions)

IF you are using the FGCU form as a "WAIVER ONLY" to opt out of Hepatitis B and/or Meningitis the physician does NOT NEED TO SIGN IT.

*If you already have immunization documents that complete the requirements you do NOT need to submit the "FGCU Immunization History Form"



Points of Interest

Providing Documents

F.T.I.C, Returning,Transferring in, New or Duel Enrollment Students please see the "REQUIREMENTS TAB" below for all information.
To View Holds Via Gulfline
  • Check account AFTER 72 BUSINESS HOURS
  • Log into your Gulfline account using your UIN & Pin #
  • Click "Student & Financial Aid"
  • Click on "Student Records"
  • Click "View Holds" (if the "IM hold" is no longer there then the documents were accepted and the hold was removed, otherwise the hold will be updated with a current reason as to why)


Need to order a copy of your immunization records on file with FGCU?
  • Please complete the entire Immunization Records Request Form below and print neatly.
  • You may fax, email or mail the request form (see the "Contact" tab below for sending options) or walk in and order a copy of your immunization records at no charge.
  • Please allow 72 business hours for your request to be processed. (CLICK LINK BELOW)
  • Immunization Record Request Form

More Immunization Information

[ open ]

FGCU Immunization Requirements

The State University System of Florida requires all students born AFTER December 31, 1956 to present documented proof of immunity to MMRs, measles (Rubeola) and German Measles (Rubella). This written document must be signed by a physician, a nurse practitioner or a registered nurse and must be mailed, emailed, faxed, or delivered to Student Health Services . Phone calls from your physician are not acceptable. If you have questions, call the FGCU Student Health Services Immunization Department at (239) 590-1254.


  • Effective 06/01/11 the date must be in the following format: MM/DD/YY (Month/Day/Year) must be provided on documents or they will NOT be accepted
  • 2 MMR’s
  • Hepatitis B vaccine (3) shot series or sign FGCU waiver
  • 1 Meningitis vaccine administered AFTER age 16 or sign FGCU waiver
  • Positive lab/titer results "Rubella/Rubeola Titer" are also accepted.  MUST HAVE actual lab documents.
  • IF you were are PREVIOUS FGCU student please call 239-590-1254 as we may have your documents on file. (have your UIN ready)

Acceptable Proof/Acceptable Documentation Forms

  • Proof of two (2) MMR vaccine doses received at least/minimum 28 days apart, must have been received AFTER your first birthday. Vaccinations MUST have been received in 1971 or later
  • Proof of immunity by way of a blood test result (Rubella/Rubeola titer). Must submit lab documentation.
  • The official State of Florida Immunization Form (680, blue form) issued by local "Health Departments" & physician offices (must include stamp) This form does NOT contain the Meningitis vaccine date.  Either sign the waiver form or submit alternate documentation.
  • Childhood immunization records (the little booklets, not family baby books/album pages)
  • Previous school documents (your high school can fax a copy but you will need to speak with that school to request them)
  • High school transcripts/State University records(if sent to Admissions you will need to resend the vaccine documents to the this department as we do not share information) 
  • Military documents, must have full dates MM/DD/YY not a discharge date (DD214 not valid)
  • Exemption: Medical/Pregnancy/Illness/Age, please see "Valid Immunization Exemptions" below.

Not able to find your immunization documents?

If you are unable to obtain written documentation of the actual dates, it is recommended that you either have a blood antibody "titer" test performed (Rublla/Rubeola) to determine if you are immune to both viral diseases, or if you must register ASAP and are unable to wait for the test results; you may elect to receive the MMR vaccines however (2) doses may be required.

Immunization Process

The student will provide immunization documents from other institutions/offices or the FGCU Immunization History Form at least 72 business hours PRIOR to class registration. The documents will be reviewed and determined complete or not by the immunization staff within 72 business hours after receiving them.

If the documents are determined complete by the staff, students Immunization hold will be cleared and he/she will be able to register for classes.

If the documents are incomplete (see "requirements" above) the staff will update the “Immunization Hold” with a current date and the reason. Students may view the hold reason through their Gulfline account "hold screen".

Valid Immunization Exemptions

You will be exempt from the State of Florida University System immunization requirements if you meet any one of the following:

  • If you are a Distance Learner who is living or working OUTSIDE the United States and are able to provide proof please contact this office at 239-590-1254.
  • Birthdate exempt if born prior to December 31, 1956 PLEASE CALL THE IMMUNIZATION DEPARTMENT 239-590-1254, HAVE YOUR UINVERSITY ID READY AND DATE OF BIRTH.
  • TemporaryMedical Exemptions: (pregnancy, illness, allergies see directions below)
    • Pregnancy/Fertility Treatments: On a dated office/physicians letterhead please specify PT name, DOB & expected date of delivery if pregnant. Please provide brief explanation of event & include physician's signature and contact information. (medical provider cannot be that of a family member)
    • Breast-Feeding/ Lactation Considerations: Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR): Excretion in breast milk unknown. Please discuss receiving the MMR vaccine with your pediatrician while breast-Feeding.  On dated office/physician’s letterhead please specify PT name, DOB, you are breast feeding and that the physician does or does not support receiving the MMR vaccine. Include physician's signature and contact information. (medical provider cannot be that of a family member)
    • Illness/Disease: A written, current dated statement on office/physician letterhead signed by a physician and including his/her contact information.  Please specifiy the students' name, DOB, date seen and that the MMR vaccines cannot be given as student is immunocompromised. (medical provider cannot be that of a family member)
    • Allergy: A written, dated statement on office/physician letterhead signed by a physician including his/her contact information which specifies the date seen, type of reaction and a brief explanation of the event. (medical provider cannot be that of a family member)

For questions or details on ALL SUS (State University System) exemptions including Religious exemptions please contact the Immunization Department, 239-590-1254 M-TH 8:15-4:45 and F 9:00-4:45. (K-12 Religious Exemption document is not accepted by universities)

You may receive vaccinations or immunity testing at the following locations: (Please call that location to verify)

  • FGCU Student Health Services (must have a University ID Number)
  • Walk-in clinics
  • Your private physician office
  • Health Department
  • VA (if active military or veteran)
  • CVS/Walgreens
[ open ]
Contact Us

Providing Immunization Documents

  • A completed FGCU Immunization History form and/or alternate documents may be mailed, faxed, scanned & e-mailed (you may take a cell phone picture of the document(s) and add it as an attachment in an email or drop them off to Student Health Services Immunization Department upon completion. (see address below)
  • Original certificates and/or immunization books DO NOT HAVE TO BE TURNED IN; in this case, photocopies of original documents are acceptable.(WE DO NOT MAKE COPIES, please make your own)

Once you have completed that process, please "View Holds" in your Gulfline account for updates AFTER 72 business hours.


 Contacting Student Health Services

  • FAX: 239-590-7968
  • EMAIL: Stephanie Harper
  • OFFICE: 239-590-1254

Florida Gulf Coast University
Student Health Services
Immunization Department
10501 FGCU Blvd South
Ft. Myers, FL 33965

Florida Gulf Coast University
Student Health Services
Immunization Department
Room #101A

*After hours you may place documents in the "Immunization Drop Box" located outside the front door.

[ open ]

Immunization Service Hours

Monday 8:15am - 4:45pm
Tuesday 8:15am - 4:45pm
Wednesday 8:15am - 4:45pm
Thursday 8:15am - 4:45pm
Friday 9:00am - 4:45pm

*please note:

Appointments are required and can be made by calling 239-590-1254  
University ID Cards are required at check in; incoming students acquiring state mandated vaccines DO NOT require an Eagle ID.  


Upcoming Holiday/Break Hours & Closings

05/28/18                   Memorial Day        

07/04/18                   Independence day Closed

09/03/18                   Labor Day

11/12/18                   Veterans Day Closed
11/22/18                   Thanksgiving Day Closed

11/23/18                   Day after Thanksgiving

12/25/18                   Christmas Day  Closed
12/26/18-12/31/18    Winter Break Closed

01/01/19                   New Years Day





[ open ]

The following immunizations & Titers (blood tests) are available at Student Health Services Immunization department: Appointments are required!  Please notify this office at least 2 hours prior if you need to cancel an appointment.

  • MMR - $80.00 per dose
  • Rubella/Rubeola Titer- (blood test) $20.00
  • Rubella Titer-$10
  • Rubeola Titer-$10
  • Mumps Titer-$10
  • Gardasil - $200.00 per vaccine
  • Hepatitis A - $35.00 each dose
  • Hepatitis B - $45.00 each dose
  • Hepatits B Titer- $11
  • Tuberculosis Screening (TB/PPD) $8.00
  • Varicella Titer (blood test) - $15.00
  • Flu shot - $20 (when available)
  • Meningitis Vaccine - $105.00
  • Meningitis "B"- $170.00 
  • TDAP - $40.00 Tetanus, Diphtheria & Acellular Pertussis(According to CDC guidelines as an adult, you should have one "pertussis"  tetanus booster, TDAP)
[ open ]
Immunization Frequently Asked Questions
[ open ]

Please visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Vaccine Information Statements web site for the current required/recommended vaccine information.  Also see the following links for downloadable Vaccine Information Statements:

[ open ]

Are You Traveling Outside of the Country? Please visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Travelers' Health website for the current required/recommended vaccine information.