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Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs

Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs

Vision, Mission, Values


our vision


The Division of Student Affairs, at FGCU, will be recognized for exceptional leadership in engaging students in the university experience, promoting their personal development, and establishing a community of civility and care.

our mission


The Division of Student Affairs is a partner in achieving the academic mission of Florida Gulf Coast University. We accomplish this by enhancing our students’ ability to learn and by promoting their development as productive members of the greater community.

We are dedicated to improving students’ decision making skills, facilitating their personal development, enhancing leadership development, promoting healthy lifestyles, and assisting in developing their sense of purpose.

Our leadership in these endeavors provides a vibrant campus life that increases student engagement in the University community and creates a culture of civility and care. Through our efforts, students will develop a life long affinity for the University.

our values


As members of the Division of Student Affairs, we believe:

  • Individuals grow and develop in unique ways.
  • Learning occurs throughout the entire University experience.
  • There is value in diversity of ideas, beliefs and culture.
  • A strong community is committed to mutual respect, collaboration and care.
  • A healthy lifestyle enhances success in learning, life and career.
  • The quality of the University experience is determined by personal choices.