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Career Development Services

Career Development Services

Hiring an Intern


Creating an Internship:

A Checklist for Employers


So, you’d like to hire an intern? Wonderful! Students need opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge they are gaining in the classroom within a “real world” setting. Use this checklist to ensure you are ready to offer and advertise your position.

  •  Identify a supervisor who will be able to provide guidance and feedback to the intern.
  • Determine how training will be provided and by whom. This should be someone with expertise in the field.
  • Select the hours per week and number of weeks you wish the intern to work. For part-time positions, consider 10-15 hours per week. Summer internships may be full time, if desired.
  • Decide if you will pay the intern and how much. Helpful tip: Many of our students must work while attending college. To attract quality applicants, paying the intern is recommended. If you are unable to offer a wage, please see the “Fact Sheet on Unpaid Internships” to determine your eligibility. For paid internships, minimum wage may be offered (currently $8.25/hour in Florida), but $10-$15 per hour is recommended, depending upon the industry.
  • Determine if you want a student to seek academic credit for the internship. Please be aware, this will require approval by the academic department, as well as the willingness of a faculty supervisor. The student also must be academically qualified to pursue an internship. The employing site supervisor will be asked to complete necessary forms and adhere to policies and practices required by the academic program. Internships should be planned to coincide with a summer or a semester (August – December or January – April or May).
  • Be ready to provide a brief description of your organization.
  • List what the intern will have the opportunity to learn in this position.
  • Describe the tasks you wish the intern to handle.
  • Identify the qualifications you seek in an intern – year in school, majors, skills, and qualities. Helpful tip: Keep your requirements for the position modest to attract applicants. Instead, outline “preferred” or “desired” qualifications.
  • Register as an employer on Eagle Career Link(free) and, after approval, post your internship. There are over 10,000 students registered on Eagle Career Link
  • If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact Career Development Services at 239-590-7946 or Internships and Cooperative Programs at 239-745-4423.