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Greek Life

Greek Life

Fraternity Terms


Interfraternity Council

 Fraternity Terms


Active: An initiated collegiate member who is currently paying dues to a fraternity or sorority

Bid: An invitation to join a Greek organization

Big Brother: An active member who serves as a mentor to a New Member during their New Member Program

Brother: A form of address when one initiated member refers to another member in a fraternity

Chapter: The local group of undergraduate students on a particular campus recognized by the university and the national organization.

Formal Recruitment: A designated membership recruitment period during which each fraternity holds a series of organized events. It is mutual selection process.

Fraternity: Name that applies to all Greek-letter organizations, characterized by a ritual, pin, and strong ties of friendship. Informally, women's fraternities are called sororities. (Although the full name of a sorority may include either sorority or fraternity, informally all women's fraternities are called sororities.)

Greeks: Fraternity and sorority members.

Interfraternity Council (IFC): The governing body of the fraternity system

Initiation: A ritual-based (non-hazing) ceremony that marks the acceptance of a lifetime commitment to a Greek org

International/National Headquarters: The central organization of a particular fraternity or sorority

Legacy: Someone whose grandparent, parent or sibling is a member of a particular Greek letter organization. Being a legacy does not guarantee membership

New Member: A new member of a fraternity or sorority aspiring to become an initiated member

Philanthropy: A charitable project supported by a fraternity or sorority

Potential New Member: A non-member who is eligible to participate in the recruitment process, visiting fraternities or sororities with an interest in possibly affiliating with one organization