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Greek Life

Greek Life



The Greek Programming Council is responsible for programming and educational activities that impact the entire Fraternity and Sorority community at Florida Gulf Coast University. Such events include Greek Week, National Hazing Prevention Week, Academic Workshops, Service Activities, and events of a social nature that bring chapters together in a collaborative spirit.




FSL Awards Nomination Flyer



National Hazing Prevention Week Flyer



The brand new Mission Distinguished recipient program was designed to offer members of fraternities or sororities the opportunity to live and learn the FGCU FSL mission, as well as recognize and award the fraternity and sorority life (FSL) members who truly embody every point in our mission statement through the completion of this program.

As FSL members matriculate through the University, they will matriculate through this program. With that, each classification (i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) will have workshops specifically designed to meet them where they are currently at. In collaboration with a variety of on and off-campus offices, these workshops will help with personal and professional development, as well as help prepare members with the life skills needed for after graduation.

In order to be recognized as “Mission Distinguished” and receive an award at future FSL Awards, FSL members will need to:

  • Attend 16 Mission Distinguished workshops
  • Be involved in at least one other registered student organization on campus outside of the FSL community
  • Have at least 80 hours of documented service-learning hours by the time of application
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 by the end of the semester prior to the graduation semester
  • Complete the Mission Distinguished recipient application

Even if a member is not interested in completing the program, they are encouraged to go to as many workshops as they would like and as they find interesting!

The list of workshops for the 2017-2018 academic year can be accessed here: Mission Distinguished Workshops