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Office of New Student Programs

Office of New Student Programs


A Shared Experience

It is evident that parents and families perceive their student’s college journey as a shared experience, due in part to a much greater involvement of parents in most aspects of their childrens' lives than in previous generations. The emergence of a dynamic where parents are seen as partners with the the university in ensuring the success of the student may be attributed to many factors, including the rising cost of attending college, the post 9/11 culture which has created an increasingly watchful and vigilant parent, and a desire to maintain the sort of close, interconnected relationship that is a hallmark of the "millennial" generation. 

To ensure that the emotional, social, and intellectual develoment of college students occurs within the context of this increasingly complex relationship, it is imperative that the roles and responsibilities of the student, her/his family, and FGCU be appropriate and balanced. To that end, the Office of New Student Programs provides a number of opportunities to educate families about their changing role in the lives of their students, while acknowledging and supporting their right to know about, and be involved in, the college experience.  Our office provides services such as Parent & Family Orientation, Eagle Family Weekend (during the fall semester), our Family Business online newsletter, and parent and family outreach.

The care with which the University approaches the needs of the families of our students will foster an environment in which students will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and mature.  We appreciate the perspectives and benefits you bring to our academic community as we work together to ensure the sucess of our students. If we can be of assistance to you, please contact our office at (239) 590-7875 or

Welcome to the Eagle Family!!

Best Regards,
The Office of New Student Programs

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