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Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs

Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs

Student Affairs Case Manager



What does the FGCU Student Affairs Case Manager do?

At Florida Gulf Coast University the Student Affairs Case Manager works with the FGCU community to uphold learning environments and experiences that promote and support the social, emotional, and academic development of each FGCU student.

At times, students are faced with situations that impede their ability to flourish inside and outside of the classroom. Since every student's situation is unique, it can be difficult to determine how serious a situation is and which referrals will be most helpful.


The Student Affairs Case Manager can:

  • Connect students to appropriate campus or community services
  • Arrange, coordinate, monitor, and advocate for services or support for students who require assistance
  • Contact and collaborate with parents and other University departments to address and resolve student issues
  • Assist student and famililies with internal procedures (withdrawals, appeals, etc.)
  • Coordinate transitions from FGCU to external community providers
  • Assist with the re-entry process for students on a medical leave of absence
  • Provide victim advocacy services to any student who has been the victim of a crime

The Student Affairs Case Manager is accessible to all members of the FGCU community to address student concerns.


Concerned about a student?

Click on the following link to submit a Student of Concern form, this form will be routed to the Dean of Students Office Care Team. Please provide detailed information regarding the concern you are reporting. Once the form is received, a member of the DOS Care Team will review the information and take appropriate action, which may or may not include contacting the student, you, and any others you have identified. If you have any questions related to completing an Eagles Take Care Reporting Form, please call (239) 590-7900 or email

For more information on the Dean of Students Care Team, visit


 The Student Affairs Case Manager manages the following processes/programs:

 For more information, contact:

Office of the Vice President
Student Affairs
Cohen Center, Room 110