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Office of Student Conduct

office of student conduct

Academic Integrity Committee


The Academic Integrity Committee is coordinated by the Dean of Students’ Office to resolve cases of alleged academic dishonesty referred by the faculty. It is comprised of faculty and students in the following structure:

The Dean of Students or designee serves as facilitator to the Academic Integrity Committee to coordinate the hearing process and to assist the committee in providing fair and impartial hearings for students accused of academic dishonesty.

Five faculty members from each academic college are recommended by the Dean to serve for a one year appointment that can be renewed.

Two students from each college are selected in consultation with Student Government through an interview process established by the Dean of Students.

When a student is referred for a hearing, the Dean of Students’ convenes a committee from the pool of appointees to serve on the committee for the case using the following guidelines:

1.Two (2) faculty members from the college making the referral (if available),

2.One (1) faculty member from any of the remaining colleges, and

3.Three (3) students from a different college than the college making the referral.

c.The Chair of each hearing will be selected from the committee members comprising the Hearing Body.

Students have the right to appeal a decision of the Academic Integrity Committee to the Vice President for Student Affairs using the process as described in Section J.

The Academic Integrity Committee process is separate from the Grade Appeals process, which is managed by the Colleges in the Division of Academic Affairs.