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Office of Student Conduct

office of student conduct

Dean's Certification


Dean's Certification Online Request Form

Any document requiring academic or judicial verification can be dropped off, mailed or faxed to the Registrar’s Office located on the First Floor, McTarnaghan Hall, Office of the Registrar

Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd South
Ft. Myers, FL 33965-6565
Main Line: (239) 590-7980
Toll Free: (888) 373-2040
Fax: (239) 590-7983

Please make sure you have the following:

• Signed and dated your certification(s).
• Enclosed a stamped self-addressed envelope for each certification.
• If you chose not to provide a stamped envelope, please leave your phone number so we may call and let you know your document has been completed.
• Take any document requiring character to a Professor or Dean of your College and ask them to fill out the evaluation portion of the document. Please make sure they do not sign the form and are not filing out your dates of attendance, rank in class or if you are in good standing with the University. The Registrar and/or the Dean of Students’ Office are the only school officials that can validate this information.
The Office of the Registrar will fill out the academic portion of the document and forward it to the Office of Student Conduct in the Dean of Students’ Office to complete. Once the document(s) has been completed, the Dean of Students’ Office will call you to let you know it has been completed or mail the document(s) to the requested institution in the stamped envelope provided. This process takes approximately 10-15 working days.

Should you have further questions, please contact the Dean of Students’ Office at (239) 590-7900.