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Office of Student Conduct

office of student conduct

Learning Outcomes


Learning Outcomes for Student Conduct Process

  • To foster and encourage critical thinking and reasoning as well as reflective thinking.
  • To foster and encourage an understanding of social and civic responsibility and the impact of individual actions on the University and global community.
  • To develope a sense of self-appraisal, self-understanding, self-respect as well as the importance of meaningful relationships, collaboration and involvement in the University community.
  • To foster and encourage students with establishing and pursuing individual goals, effective communication, managing career development, demonstrating professionalism, maintaining health and wellness and living a purposeful and satisfying life. 



AIC/SCC Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire knowledge on the Student Code of Conduct and due process at FGCU.
  • Practice integrating your critical thinking, listening, and questioning skills into the formal hearing process.
  • Develop a sense of pride and contribution to the University community by representing the student perspective on the committee.
  • Come to understand yourself and your peers in terms of where both of you are in your student development.
  • Share what you learned about the conduct process and student development theory across the campus as ambassadors of civility and community.



Civility Workshop Learning Outcomes

Students who attend this workshop:

  • Will be able to demonstrate an understanding of civility and community and the role these concepts have in  their everyday life.
  • Will be able to articulate how their conduct affected the university community.
  • Will be able to demonstrate an understanding of good decision making strategies.
  • Will be able to report the ability to apply these strategies with future decisions that also reflect their personal values.