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Office of Student Conduct

office of student conduct



Student Conduct Process

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct exists: (1) to define the behavioral rights and responsibilities of Florida Gulf Coast University Students and Registered Student Organizations; (2) to foster and enhance the academic mission of the University; (3) to protect the rights of all University students, faculty, and staff; (4) to protect University property; (5) to protect the University community from disruption and harm; and (6) to encourage appropriate standards of individual and group behavior.

Procedure Flowcharts

Flowchart for Student Conduct Process

Flowchart for Academic Integrity Process

Student Rights During the Conduct Process

The provisions shall be explained to each Charged Student or Organization during the Conduct Review Conference or prior to the commencement of any conduct hearing.

Impacted Student Rights During the Conduct Process

To ensure fairness to students impacted by acts of violence throughout the disciplinary process, the University has established the following position.

 File an Appeal

 The Charged Student or Organization may appeal the outcome of a conduct hearing in writing within three (3) class days from the date of the decision letter by filing a written appeal.