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Everglades Wetland Research Park

Everglades Wetland Research Park

River Restoration


November 16-18, 2015, Naples, FL (online registration! Now)

Instructors: William J. Mitsch, Brian P. Bledsoe, and James S. Bay

DescriptionThis course introduces the basics of stream and river restoration with a focus on ecologically engineered stream channels, stream-river-floodplain connectivity, dam removal, floodplain and riparian restoration, and watershed management. Course will emphasize basic stream principles such as river continuum and flood pulse concepts, proper landscape approaches, and self-design of streams and rivers through ecohydrology. Case studies from Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Florida, Austria, and Denmark will be described in lectures to illustrate basic restoration principles. The course will include a field trip to the Kissimmee River north of the Florida Everglades, site of one of the largest and longest occurring river restorations in the world. 


William J. Mitsch, Ph.D., S.E., P.W.S.

Prof. Mitsch is Eminent Scholar and Director, Everglades Wetland Research Park and Juliet C. Sproul Chair for Southwest Florida Habitat Restoration and Management at Florida Gulf Coast University. He is also Chair of the U.S. National Ramsar Committee. He was formerly Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science and Director of the Olentangy River Wetland Research Park during his 26 years at The Ohio State University. He received a B.S. in engineering at the University of Notre Dame and a Ph.D. in systems ecology at the University of Florida, and also taught at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Louisville. Professor Mitsch’s research and teaching have focused on wetland ecology and biogeochemistry, wetlandcreation and restoration, ecological engineering and ecosystem restoration, and ecosystem modeling. He has co-authored or co-edited 18 books, including five editions of Wetlands (most recent edition published in March 2015) and two versions of Ecological Engineering and has authored or co-authored over 600 papers, reports, abstracts and other publications. He has advised over 80 graduate students and 13 post-docs. He is founder and editor-in-chief of the journal Ecological Engineering and founder and past president of the American Ecological Engineering Society (AEES). His many awards include the 2004 Stockholm Water Prize with co-laureate Sven E. Jørgensen for outstanding contributions to the world’s lakes and wetlands.

Brian P. Bledsoe, Ph.D., P.E.

Brian Bledsoe is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University(CSU) in Ft. Collins, Colorado. He has taught or co-taught stream and river restoration to diverse audiences including storm water and floodplain engineers and managers. His many publications focus on a wide variety of topics related to stream and river geomorphology, nutrient dynamics, and some biological processes in streams, rivers, and wetlands. He earned degrees from Georgia Tech, North Carolina State University, and CSU. Before joining CSU, he worked in the private sector as a surveyor and consulting engineer, and for the State of North Carolina as a watershed restoration specialist and state nonpoint source program coordinator. Brian’s research is focused on the interface of hydrology, ecology, and urban water sustainability with an emphasis on the management and restoration of rivers, floodplains, and watersheds. He received an NSF CAREER Award in 2006, and served as a Fulbright Scholar in Chile in 2008. Brian's scientific advisory and peer-review activities include the Everglades and Louisiana Coastal Area restoration efforts, the Platte River and San Juan River Recovery Implementation Programs, and the EPA Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program. He is a licensed professional engineer in NC and CO.

 James S. Bays, M.S., S.E., PWS


Jim Bays is a Technology Fellow in Natural Treatment Systems employed by CH2MHILL with over 30 years of experience in wetland planning, assessment, and design. He is a certified Senior Ecologist, Professional Wetland Scientist, and Ecological Designer. Mr. Bays received his M.S. in Environmental Engineering Sciences from the University of Florida and a B.S. in Environmental Biology from Ohio University. He specializes in the planning, design and operation of wetlands for water quality improvement for municipal, industrial and agricultural wastewaters, stormwater, and mine-impacted water and has provided senior consulting project designs for wetlands in the United States, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Jim’s particular interests are the design of treatment wetlands for public recreation, the use of integrated biochemical reactor wetlands for biological selenium reduction, and the beneficial reuse of wastewater and membrane concentrate for wildlife habitat creation.


Text: Ecological Engineering and Ecosystem Restoration (Mitsch, W.J. and S.E. Jørgensen, 2004, John Wiley & Sons) is included in course fee.

Course Fee: US$900 (includes all course materials and textbook)

Please to register online by September 30, 2015  for a 10% discount.



Dr. Li Zhang, Everglades Wetland Research Park, 109 Kapnick Center, 4940 Bayshore Drive, Naples, FL USA 34112

phone: 239-325-1364; email: