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Everglades Wetland Research Park

Everglades Wetland Research Park

Wetland Ecology and Management


February 17-20, 2014 Naples, FL

Instructors: William J. Mitsch,  and Jos T.A. Verhoeven

DescriptionThe basic ecology and human history and management of wetlands of the world are covered in this course. Course includes wetland definitions and classifications, and their global extent, hydrology, biogeochemistry, biological adaptations, and succession. Management includes human impacts on wetlands, climate change and wetlands, wetland ecosystem services, wetland restoration, and wetland laws and protection. Course will include tours of mangrove and cypress swamps, and the Florida Everglades river of grass.


William J. Mitsch, Ph.D.

Prof. Mitsch is Eminent Scholar and Director, Everglades Wetland Research Park and Juliet C. Sproul Chair for Southwest Florida Habitat Restoration and Management at Florida Gulf Coast University. He is also Professor Emeritus and Founding Director of the Olentangy River Wetland Research Park at The Ohio State University. He received a B.S. in engineering at the University of Notre Dame and a Ph.D. in systems ecology at the University of Florida, and also taught at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Louisville. Professor Mitsch’s research and teaching have focused on wetland ecology and biogeochemistry, wetlandcreation and restoration, ecological engineering and ecosystem restoration, and ecosystem modeling. He has co-authored or co-edited 18 books, including four editions of Wetlands and two versions of Ecological Engineering and has authored or co-authored over 500 papers, reports, and other publications. He has advised over 80 graduate students and 10 post-docs. He is founder and editor-in-chief of the journal Ecological Engineering and founder and past president of the American Ecological Engineering Society (AEES). His many awards include the 2004 Stockholm Water Prize with co-laureate Sven E. Jørgensen for outstanding contributions to the world’s lakes and wetlands.

Jos Verhoeven, Ph.D.


Dr. Verhoeven is Professor of Landscape Ecology in the Department of Biology of Utrecht University, The Netherlands. He graduated at the Aquatic Ecology group at Radboud University Nijmegen (1980). He has also held visiting faculty appointments at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center at Edgewater, Maryland (USA) and Murdoch University at Perth, Western Australia. He is a former Editor of Wetlands and Wetlands Ecology and Management and on the editorial board of Ecological Engineering. He is on the executive board of INTECOL and was chief organizer of the 7th INTECOL International Wetlands Conference in Utrecht in 2004. He is active in large scientific programs (e.g., Knowledge for Climate) and European networks (European Science Foundation, and EU-funded projects such as EVALUWET, NICOLAS, EUROLIMPACS). His research focuses on the interactions among the biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in wetlands and the relation between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.


Text: Wetlands, 4th edition (Mitsch, W.J. and J.G. Gosselink, 2007, John Wiley & Sons) is included in course fee..

Course Fee Course Fee: $1100.00 (includes all course materials and textbook)

Register before December 20, 2013 and received 10% discount.


Dr. Li Zhang, Everglades Wetland Research Park, 109 Kapnick Center, 4940 Bayshore Drive, Naples, FL USA 34112

phone: 239-325-1364; email: