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SWF Center for Public & Social Policy

SWF Center for Public & Social Policy

Mission Statement


The mission of the southwest Florida Center for Public and Social Policy, hereinafter referred to as CPSP, is to further the goals of public agencies and non-profit organizations in the delivery of services to the citizenry of the five-county region which the University serves: Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry and Lee Counties. The Center will provide expertise and assistance in public management, applied research, policy analysis, and program and performance evaluation through client-focused, contracted research services and grants, as well as provide a forum for constructive dialogue on public policy issues.

There are three main goals of the Policy Center:

  1. To materially enhance the community development and social well being of the citizenry of the Southwest Florida region through public management assistance, applied research, policy analysis, and public dialogue.
  2. To actively solicit and target areas of interest from throughout the region in order to meet both currently identified and projected needs.
  3. To provide a limited number of practical work experiences for students in the Masters of Public Administration program and undergraduate political science majors to become directly involved in meaningful applied research and community service in order to benefit the region.

The objectives of the Policy Center are as follows:

  1. Conduct applied, contracted, or grant-supported research to assist and guide region-wide community and social development and planning
  2. Provide applied, contracted public management and research services to further agency goals for service effectiveness
  3. Develop funded practitioner-based programs to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of programs and services
  4. Conduct funded policy and legislative analyses and impact studies to enhance public understanding of issues affecting the region
  5. Provide training programs in the areas of staff development, leadership and non-profit administration for agencies in the region
  6. Provide periodic grant-supported or otherwise sponsored public policy forums that include speakers of note and applied workshops focusing on areas of interest within the region
  7. Involve faculty and students in meaningful applied research and project operations that will enhance and enrich their respective teaching and learning experiences.