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SWF Center for Public & Social Policy

SWF Center for Public & Social Policy

Previous Projects


City of Fort Myers Take Home Vehicle Study.  CPSP faculty provided research and evaluation services for the City of Fort Myers Police Department’s Assigned Vehicle Program analysis.  This project was a fixed fee contract with the City for the period of May– August 2011.

Trailblazer Focus Group & Performance Reporting & Measurement Research.  CPSP faculty provided research and evaluation for the Iona-McGregor Fire and Rescue Services District to evaluate their performance evaluation documents.  Feedback from citizens was sought as a means to improve communication between citizens and the district.  This project continued through August 2011.

City of Cape Coral Evaluation and Review Public Participation Services.  Provided land use planning, public participation, and website services on a fee basis for the City of Cape Coral.  Center faculty and graduate students organized and facilitated three community input forums, developed and hosted a web site, and produced a final report on the major themes implicit in the community feedback.  This project continued through March 31, 2012.

Upper Captiva Community Plan Implementation.  Center faculty and graduate students provided land use planning services to the community of Upper Captiva on a fee-based contract.  The Center provided research and data collection on existing county codes, developed proposed codes, organized and managed a community input process, and facilitated several community and county staff meetings.  The Center produced a presentation and report on community input findings.  Upper Captiva has since increased the contract amount and extended its timeframe to December 2012.

Job Access and Reverse Commute and New Freedom Technical Assistance.  Center faculty provided technical assistance to community organizations as a subcontractor to Tindale-Oliver and Associates, which had a contract with the Lee County Division of Transit (LeeTran).  As a part of this work, Center faculty assisted non-profit organizations with their applications to take part in a federal transportation program grant administered through LeeTran.  This contract will continue until September 2012.

City of Bonita Springs Task Force.  CPSP faculty and graduate students provided facilitation for two meetings to negotiate agreement on the siting of homeless shelters, St. Matthews House, and community residents.  This project was highly contentious and we are proud that CPSP faculty were considered neutral and professional in the midst of this highly charged discussion.  The project ran from May 2012 – June 2012.

Cape Coral Police Department (CCPD)
The Center worked with the CCPD to provide an improved method of conducting citizen’s surveys.   CCPD relies on the results of the surveys, in order to expand its performance beyond just crime statistics, and gain a better understanding of  the citizens perception of safety, police performance and quality of service to the community.   The Center established survey parameters and analyzed pre test results, conducted item-by-item review and commentary on the survey instrument, and proposed alternative sampling and collection procedures to obtain a more representative sampling and improve survey collection procedures.

Cape Coral, Department of Parks and Recreation
The Center worked with the City of Cape Coral Parks and Recreation Department to design and analyze a comprehensive citizen survey.   Facing significant budget shortfalls, Parks and Recreation leadership wanted to get a clear picture of citizen’s perceptions to help guide difficult decisions about budget cuts.   While dealing with budget cuts is never easy, the analysis developed by the Center gave policy makers and executives timely information about the services and facilities that had the greatest impact on citizen’s perceptions about quality of life in the city.

Lehigh Acres Weed and Seed Project
A Center Associate and a graduate assistant provided survey research assistance and data analysis for a citizen’s survey and demographic data for the project area.
The Center Associate also serves on the “Weed and Seed” steering committee.

Bonita Springs Charter Review Committee
A Center Associate and two students provided research and consulting services to the Charter Review Committee as they considered various options for revision of the city charter.