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Brand Campaign


FGCU’S Inspirational Effect

In early 2015, University Marketing & Communications launched an initiative to develop a research-based integrated marketing campaign to promote FGCU’s assets and reinforce our three brand themes:


- We make student success our first priority.
We produce new knowledge using Southwest Florida as a living lab for learning.
We are a cultural, educational and entertainment resource for the region.


The result of this collaborative effort is The FGCU Effect, a campaign that leverages the stories and strengths of the university to reflect the impact our research, people, programs and culture have on students, the community and the world at large. We believe that if you inspire one person, that individual’s influence will inspire another. And that person will then inspire another. That’s The FGCU Effect — positive impacts that reverberate from our campus, into the community and into the world beyond.

- Read the story behind the making of the campaign.
- View the campaign portfolio.


Campaign Founded On Research

Great marketing begins with a solid game plan. So, in 2013, FGCU hired Neustadt Creative Marketing, a third-party market research group, to study our audiences, develop our unique brand themes and make strategic recommendations to aid in campaign development. At the same time, an internal Marketing Collaboration Team formed to complement Neustadt’s research and make recommendations to incorporate best practices into the university’s marketing program. The objectives these two teams identified formed the foundation for a complete marketing makeover for FGCU, encompassing everything from internal department structure to the creation of the brand itself.

- Read the Neustadt Creative Marketing research results.
- Learn more about the Marketing Collaboration Team.