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Brand Team


The University Marketing & Communications (UMC) team is composed of writers, visual artists and marketing experts who create and maintain an integrated brand for FGCU. Together, they conceived The FGCU Effect, a campaign that reflects the impact FGCU has on its students and community, and how that impact ripples in the world beyond, inspiring others. While it’s not unusual for a university to leverage its own staff for marketing purposes, it is rare that an in-house team creates a research-based, integrated campaign of this caliber. Read about how it all came together.


The FGCU Effect Brand Team

Members of the University Marketing & Communications creative team brainstormed and tested concepts for several months to develop a brand campaign that was inspirational and original and could be integrated throughout the university.

Team Members (pictured from left to right)

Robert Klein – Graphic Designer
Arlene Thompson –  Website Developer
David Anderson –  Graphic Designer
Andrew Sterwald – Writer
James Greco – Photographer/Graphic Designer
Karen Feldman –  Writer/Editor
Timothy Clark – Videographer
Deborah Wiltrout – Associate VP University Marketing and Communications
David Anderson - Website Developer
 Frances Jones – Administrative Assistant (and FGCU Effects Construction Manager)
Ken Schexnayder – Assistant VP University Marketing and Communications