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Chief of Staff

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Press Release


Incoming FGCU Freshmen Are Introduced to the Learning Academy

FORT MYERS, FL – This fall, Florida Gulf Coast University offers for the first time the Learning Academy, a “learning community” for freshmen students. The Learning Academy is a first semester program for incoming freshmen that builds a strong foundation for the university level learning experience and provides a strong sense of community for students. The goal of the Academy is to increase learning and grade point average while increasing re-enrollment and graduation rates, results that have been found at other colleges and universities offering similar programs.

Dr. Brad Bartel, FGCU Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs commented on the impact of the Learning Academy, “Learning communities, such as our FGCU Learning Academy, are proven environments for student success. Major universities across the United States have established these communities on their campuses. It has been proven to increase retention and enhance the students’ experience.”

In the Learning Academy, students work together taking classes, studying, reviewing, and going on field trips. Students enroll in a series of linked classes in English, humanities, and social sciences taught by full-time faculty. In the humanities and social science classes, students have the added benefit of access to tutors who have successfully completed all of these courses. Students also participate in seminars, and required tutoring and study sessions. Finally students live together on-campus in a residence hall set aside for the Learning Academy.

Students who join the Learning Academy must meet the following requirements:
     Must be an incoming freshman with no transfer credits in Composition I, humanities, or social sciences;
     Must live in on-campus housing;
     Must qualify for admission to Composition I;
     Must take a block of courses (10 credit hours) plus one other course in science or math (3-4 credit hours.)

For more information, contact Alice Brunner, Director of Freshman Advising Services, (941) 590-7876 or If possible, students should attend one of the two freshman orientations, June 15-16 or June 20-21.

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