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Press Release


FGCU Pre-Med Students' Diagnosis: High Placement

FORT MYERS, FL - The results are in: Florida Gulf Coast University’s College of Health Professions announces the pre-med program’s positive check-up. The high placement rate has enabled all six biotechnology/pre-professional graduates access to medical programs.

The Department of Environmental Health, Molecular and Clinical Sciences offers a baccalaureate degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. It is a highly competitive, limited access program, balanced with a strong science based curriculum and practical health applications. Students are provided opportunities to customize their education by specializing in different concentrations.

Students can choose to follow the clinical laboratory technology concentration, where certification and clinical experience will enable them to go directly into their field. Or, they can specialize in one of the four tracks within the degree: articulated clinical laboratory science, clinical laboratory science, forensic science (newest concentration), and bio-technology, pre-physical therapy and pre-professional, which includes pre-med. According to the College of Health Professions, “The curriculum meets pre-professional requirements and provides solid preparation for medical, dental, veterinary, physical therapy, and graduate school.”

FGCU graduate, Amy Koplan will be attending medical school in Belize. Jessica Burhans, also a spring graduate will be attending physician’s assistant school at Nova Southeastern. Staying at FGCU, James Sheehy will complete the intensive Physical Therapy Program. Jennifer Hannon will also pursue a second degree at FGCU. After taking the MCAT, Yohani Torres plans to go to medical school to become an obstetrician gynecologist. Robin Bergbauer attends medical school at the University of Miami.

Cecilia Rokusek, Dean of the College of Health Professions, stresses the importance of guidance. “Because of our small classes, we give the students individual attention and we even conduct mock medical school interviews to prepare them further.” Such attention, small classes and superior faculty have made the programs successful. Students are guided along every step of the way from acceptance until long after graduation.

There are presently 12 new students entering the program in the fall, half of those who will be in the biotechnology/pre-professional concentration.

Professor and pre-professional advisor Clifford Renk attributes the success to the “high caliber of students and the opportunities FGCU has provided them.” Students in the program undertake individual research projects at FGCU or at clinical and public health settings in Southwest Florida. The hands-on experience coupled with the coursework prepares the student for the rigors of graduate and professional training. “Elective courses in the program are tailored-fit to meet the requirements for each professional program and also the interests of the student,” adds Renk.

FGCU is an accredited comprehensive public university created to address the higher educational needs of Southwest Florida and dedicated to providing a learning-centered environment that offers high quality educational opportunities. With high placement rates and an outstanding pre-professional program, the Clinical Laboratory Science degree is an excellent resource for students wishing to succeed in medical, dental or other professional schools and in the health care system.

For more information, contact David Brown, program director and department chair at (941) 590-7483 or, Clifford Renk at (941) 590-7482 or Or, contact Cecilia Rokusek at (941) 590-7452 or

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