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Press Release


Florida Gulf Coast University Signs Agreement to Offer Four-Year Scholarships to Children of Victims in NYC Tragedy

FORT MYERS, FL - Florida Gulf Coast University and the Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation has signed an agreement with Peter Sulick, and his wife Margaret to make FGCU the first out-of-state university to officially offer four-year scholarships to benefit any of the children of the uniformed service personnel who lost their lives in the terrorist tragedy in New York City last month.

The “Margaret and Peter Sulick September 11th Fund” will annually award one $20,000 four-year scholarship ($5,000/year) to a qualifying student to pay for tuition, housing, books, fees and the like. A qualifying student will have had a uniformed parent - specifically a firefighter, police officer or emergency medical technician - who was among the casualties of the September 11 terrorist attack. To remain eligible, the student must maintain a 2.5 gpa and work a minimum of 10 hours per week.

The Sulicks are establishing the scholarship fund because “New York City’s uniformed personnel exhibited extraordinary courage and selflessness in the face of adversity through their humanitarian efforts to aid individuals whose lives were threatened at the hands of terrorists.”

“Many of these uniformed personnel fell victim themselves in their heroic quest to reduce the suffering of others,” Peter Sulick said. “My wife’s family has deep roots in New York City and I worked there for 20 years. The recent tragedy hit very close to home for both of us. To provide these youngsters with a quality education of the type FGCU offers is the least we can do.”

FGCU, the FGCU Foundation and the Sulicks are dedicated to the democratic ideals that are the basis of our great nation. To further the goal of the scholarship fund, FGCU Director of Advancement Judie Cassidy says the FGCU Foundation is authorized to accept additional contributions or donations from any person or entity, whether by gift or bequest, in support of this fund, now or in the future.
“The generosity and love of country reflected in the Sulicks’ scholarship gift is heart warming,” FGCU President William C. Merwin said. “I encourage others to give to the
Sulicks’ ‘September 11th Fund’ to benefit students whose parents died rescuing victims of our nation’s terrorist attack. As a country and as individuals, we are responsible for supporting the children left behind, and I can think of no greater way than through educational opportunity.”

The Sulicks are residents of Naples, Fla. Mr. Sulick is president and CEO of Amerisite, LLC, an investment and real estate development company and vice chairman of SSPCS Corp., an entity with investments in various telecommunications industries.

FGCU opened in 1997 as “the newest university in America” and is an accredited comprehensive state university dedicated to providing a learning-centered environment that offers high quality educational opportunities. FGCU was built with one eye on the 21st century where teaching and learning are supported by innovation, technology and interdisciplinary links. The 760-acre campus was established with the belief in a sustainable Florida and that FGCU should collaborate in projects that require awareness and analysis of environmental issues.

The FGCU campus boasts new buildings and the class of current technology not usually found on an entire university campus. Students have access to an excellent array of learning and information resources, honors programs, research opportunities, and more than 50 student clubs and athletic teams. Resident students enjoy the enviable Southwest Florida lifestyle in FGCU’s lakefront apartments, complete with a man-made beach and enclosed pool. FGCU currently has 12 students from the state of New York.

For more information, contact Cassidy at (941) 590-1058 or

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