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Press Release


Naples Couple Establish Ultimate Legacy with Gifts to Florida Gulf Coast University

FORT MYERS, FL - George and Rebecca Fogg have presented Florida Gulf Coast University with legacy endowments to provide research and scholarship funds for deserving students. Rebecca’s gift will contribute to FGCU’s general scholarship fund, while George’s gift will provide student research funds for the Environmental Studies department.

The decision to create the endowments at FGCU came to Rebecca first, after much thought about planning her estate.

“I was thinking about it for six to eight months, what I would do with my assets, and a light bulb suddenly came on,” Rebecca said. “I thought what better choice than to provide educational opportunities to deserving students who may not otherwise be able to attend a university.”

George Fogg, who has three grown children, supported his wife’s decision wholeheartedly from the start. After a while, he began to consider creating a fund for FGCU of his own.

“It was her decision, her scholarship, I thought she should choose where it should go and how it would be used,” George said. “The more I encouraged her, the more it made me think of contributing too.”

Taking his wife’s lead, George established a separate student research fund to provide for students in FGCU’s Environmental Studies department.

“As a student, I had no resources to pursue any inquiries into my area of interest,” he said. “This fund will provide deserving students the needed financial assistance to undertake and present worthy environmental and planning studies.”

The Foggs have been working and traveling side by side throughout their 18-1/2 year marriage. They moved to Naples in 1989, after living for eight years in Saudi Arabia, where he taught at King Faisal University in Al-Khobar, and worked on residential and commercial landscape architecture projects (including an 800-acre palace on the Red Sea). The Foggs had traveled to more than 60 countries before choosing to settle in Naples.

For 40 years, George Fogg has been designing landscape architecture for some of the world’s most distinguished addresses. He’s written six books on site design and park planning, and his seventh is due for publication in January. He is passionate about designing “facilities for people” and was an early pioneer of sustainable development. George earned a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of California at Berkley.

Rebecca Fogg, a former congressional aid to Congressman Paul G. Rogers in Washington, DC, also worked for the National Recreation and Park Association in Arlington, Virginia where she and George met. Rebecca shares her husband’s passion for preserving the world’s natural environment. A native of Atlanta, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Business at Florida State University. She contributes editing and transcription skills to her husband’s books.

In 1990, the couple established IBIS, their own landscape architectural firm in Naples. Some of their local projects include Max Hasse Park in Golden gate and Sugden Park in Collier County, Bonita Beach Park in Lee County, and Rotunda Park and Port Charlotte Beach Park in Charlotte County. George does the designing, while Rebecca takes care of the business operations.

“We make a good team, she’s the brains behind the operation,” George says.

George Fogg also spends time on the lecture circuit, and gives seminars to young professionals who are preparing for license exams in the field of landscape architecture. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects and a member of the National Recreation and Park Association. He believes the next step in his commitment to fitting man’s needs to the land’s capabilities is to assist students in the environmental studies department through the student research fund he will sponsor.

“I believe strongly that it is necessary for us to understand the natural systems in order to fit our needs onto the land in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable way,” he said. “I hope, through this fund, to help students with inquiring minds get an opportunity to do something valuable for mankind.”

For more information, contact Judie Cassidy at (941) 590-1058 or

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