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Press Release


FGCU Celebrates Allied Health Week

FORT MYERS, FL - Florida Gulf Coast University's College of Health Professions invites area students to learn more about health issues facing teenagers and potential health career options during Allied Health Professions Week, Nov. 4-10 on the FGCU campus.

Teachers and administrators in Southwest Florida school systems are encouraged to contact the College and the FGCU Lifespan Health Education Center to arrange for middle and senior high school visits.

Some local schools are already making plans. Between October and April, almost 40 groups of eighth graders from Bonita, Fort Myers, Alva, Caloosa and Cypress Lake Trafalgar and other schools will attend a program on sexually-transmitted diseases "Playing with Fire" offered by the Lifespan Health Education Center.

Nationally, workers in more than 200 allied health professions constitute approximately 60 percent of all health care providers. Allied health practitioners greatly influence health care delivery by supporting, facilitating and complementing the roles of physicians and other health care specialists. This collaboration, which emphasizes the strengths of all health professions, enhances the quality of care in this country and abroad.

Both the public and private sectors employ allied health professionals, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, mental health facilities, private medical practices, research institutions, public health services and pharmaceutical companies. Allied health personnel are also employed in industry, where they administer basic health care and emergency first aid to workers, inspect equipment and assure that safe work practices are followed.

Additionally, these professionals may act as technical advisors and representatives in the manufacturing and marketing of medical equipment and supplies, and in research and development of biomedical supplies, including biomedical diagnostics and biomolecular medicine.

FGCU offers a B.S. degree in Clinical Laboratory Science and Occupational Therapy; B.S. and M.S. degrees in Health Science and Nursing; an M.S. in Physical Therapy; and post baccalaureate certificates in Molecular Biology, Clinical Laboratory Technology, Gerontology, and Health Services Administration.

The College also offers a pre-professional/premedical undergraduate focus through its Department of Environmental Health, Molecular and Clinical Sciences.

The Health Sciences degree offers students an opportunity to pursue concentrations in Health Education, Health Services Administration, Recreation Therapy, and Gerontology.

The graduate nursing program offers a nurse practitioner, nurse education, and nurse anesthetist program options.

The College of Health Professions has fully accredited programs in each of its clinical discipline areas and outstanding faculty are committed to excellence in education that will prepare a caring and highly competent health workforce for Southwest Florida. As an accredited comprehensive public university, FGCU addresses the higher educational needs of Southwest Florida and provides a learning-centered environment that offers high quality educational opportunities for the general public.

Area students are encouraged to visit the FGCU College of Health Professions web page at: and call the Lifespan Health Education Center at (941) 590-7459 for a tour. The following web sites are also suggested:,, or

For more information, contact Dean of the College of Health Professions Cecilia Rokusek at (941) 590-7452 or

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