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Press Release


FGCU Division of Humanities and Arts Plans "September 11" Event

FORT MYERS, FL - The Florida Gulf Coast University Division of Humanities and Arts invites the public and media to attend "Messages of Hope, Healing and Understanding: The Humanities and Arts Respond to September 11" noon to 4 p.m. Friday, Nov. 9 beginning in the Student Services Plaza. The series of events focusing on the humanities and arts will occur across the FGCU campus involving students, faculty and staff.

"This will be a wonderful opportunity for the University and the public," provost and vice president for academic affairs, Brad Bartel, said.

Some of the planned activities include a reading of the names of those killed on September 11, the Preamble to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; oral interpretations, musical interludes and improvisations; a film on the Muslim religion along with a speaker and a panel discussing the events of September 11; interactive sculptural works; and poetry readings.

"The faculty in the division felt that we needed to provide some form of response to the tragedy of September 11, one worthy of an institution of higher education," said division chair Jim Wohlpart. "We decided quite quickly that what was needed was to help ask and answer the hard questions about what happened, to begin to explore and explain why it happened. At the same time, we knew that we wanted to offer some avenues for healing, some direction for a future with hope. Because a university's central mission is to guide and educate, to offer opportunities to broaden our horizons and open our eyes, the faculty have chosen activities that will allow our community to think more deeply, to question, to wonder, to analyze."

Wohlpart has reviewed most of the activities planned for the day. "They are designed to promote discussion and reflection. We want to engender a habit of mind in our community that is open to exploring all of the ramifications of events like this from multiple perspectives and then to reflect on the deepest significances of what we learn. We can only develop as a community when we are willing to take down our preconceptions and engage new ideas without immediately judging them."

The faculty of the Division chose Nov. 9 for the event because the numeric date is 11-9. The terrorist attacks in America took place on 9-11.

For more information on the event and planned activities, contact Wohlpart at (941) 590-7181 or A poster listing specific events, times and locations will be available in the Student Services Plaza on the day of the program, beginning at noon.

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