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Press Release


Florida Association of Colleges and Universities Elects William C. Merwin President; Releases Seven Legislative for Upcoming Year

FORT MYERS, FL - William C. Merwin, president of Florida Gulf Coast University, was elected president of the Florida Association of Colleges and Universities for academic year 2002-2003. As the newly elected president, Dr. Merwin outlined legislative priorities for FACU.

“The need for Florida’s college and university presidents to work together is greater than ever. We are committed to promoting FACU’s legislative agenda and securing funding to support it.”

FACU, established in 1933 to represent the common interests of all Florida higher education, consists of 66 member institutions including community colleges, state universities, and non-profit and independent colleges and universities.

“Whether a student attends a public community college, a state university, or a private institution of higher learning is relatively inconsequential,” FACU executive director Daniel B. Crowder said. “The important thing is that all our citizens be able to attend at least some college or university and to receive the kind of quality education which will enable each of them to improve their respective quality of life and contribute to the welfare of humanity.”

This is the first year the leadership of the three sectors has developed, reviewed and formally endorsed a specific set of priorities, as follows:

1.     Support of the Florida Resident Access Grant, or FRAG, including incremental funding for the growing number of FRAG students, to insure that Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida, or ICUF, institutions remain a strong provider of fair and convenient access to higher education for Florida students.

2.     Fully fund the enrollment plan for the State University System at the 2001-02 level per Full-Time Equivalent, or FTE; fund a realized eight percent enrollment growth for the Community College System.

3.     Fund matching grants for the state universities and community colleges and the Courtelis Capital Construction program for the state universities.

4.     Retain the maximum amount of decision-making authority at the local institutional level for state universities and provide the maximum amount of flexibility for community colleges.

5.     Return to the statutory allotment of funds for Public Education Capital Outlay, or PECO.

6.     Allocate funding for community colleges based on a stable formula-based funding rationale.

7.     Increase the support for need-based student financial aid available in all three of the higher education sectors.

For more information, contact FGCU associate vice president for Community Relations Audrea Anderson at (941) 590-1083 or Crowder at (352) 242-2633.

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