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Chief of Staff

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Press Release


FGCU Announces List of Wartime Experts Available for Comment to the Public

FORT MYERS, FL - Today, Florida Gulf Coast University announced it launched a Web page listing professional experts on various issues related to the war in Iraq available for media comment and speaking engagements for groups and organizations.

The Web page is accessible at . All experts listed can be contacted directly. The list includes:

Camilo Azcarate, director of the Conflict Resolution Institute, is an international conflicts and dispute resolution expert. (239) 590-7318 or .

Peter Bergerson, public affairs professor, is an expert on the political, diplomatic and public policy aspects of the war including the Bush policy of “preemptive” strike. (239) 590-7813 or .

Jon Brunner, director of the University Counseling Center, is an expert on stress and anxiety in difficult times, and coping skills and information processing as it relates to highly emotional issues. (239) 590-7950 or .

Victoria Dimidjian, professor of early childhood and counselor education, is an expert on children under stress, family/children communication, and East-West philosophies and lifestyles. She studied, married and lived in a family system in the Middle East. She remains in contact with people there. (239) 590-7811 or .

Joyce Honeychurch, professor in the division of education studies, was at UC Berkeley in political science of the Middle East and taught at Zayed University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her relatives born in Baghdad who work in America are experiencing anti-Arab prejudice. All are American citizens. (239) 590-7806 or

David Lounsbury, professor of criminalistics, is a retired special agent of the U.S. Army. During the Gulf War, he spent time in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Bahrain and Jordan. In Europe, he targeted narcotics traffickers, including Middle Eastern terrorists funding operations through narcotics sales. (239) 590-7831 or .

Patty O’Grady, director of the Comprehensive System of Personnel Development in the College of Education, is the daughter of a Vietnam POW who did not return and the wife of a POW who did return. She has worked with children’s grief responses, including children who lost a loved one during war. (239) 590-7748 or .

Maria Roca, communications professor, is knowledgeable about student-led campus events relating to the war and is an expert in communications and analyzing media messages and images. (239) 590-7185 or .

Eric Strahorn, social and behavioral sciences professor, is an expert in history and current events of the Middle East. (239) 590-7214 or

The full list is available at , or from a direct link on the FGCU home page at .

For more information, contact Audrea Anderson at (239) 590-1083.

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